Froyo at Frae, London

It’s no secret that girls adore froyo. What’s not to love about it – it’s creamy, delicious, and more-or-less guilt free. And two of froyo’s biggest fans are Bianca and Hannah. If there’s a good froyo place in London, we’ve probably been there. Hannah and I had a day of fun which started off at Joe & The Juice, followed by the V&A, ending with the perfect thing – froyo.

The Frae on King’s Road is only little, with some seating in the back. They’re getting in the Halloween spirit!

I absolutely loved this wall – it gave the store such a personal touch.

Froyo isn’t only amazing, but I’ve genuinely convinced myself that it’s the healthiest thing ever for me. And this only confirms my theory.

They even have their own water. Things are getting fancy.

Beside the water, they have four flavours in the branch that they regularly rotate. Today they had natural, strawberry, chocolate and peanut butter. If you’ve read my blog before, you definitely know what I’m going to order…

However, we started with testers of everything. Obviously.

She was happy to help us out. Even though she knew that we both already knew exactly what we wanted.

The only hard part for me is toppings. I generally always get fruit though.

Even though it’s so hard to resist the chocolate and sweets.
And the mini eggs. Shit, I love mini eggs.

If you guessed chocolate and peanut butter, you were very, very right.

I managed to control myself and just got raspberries on it.

Too. Excited.

Hannah got chocolate and natural. She also loves mini eggs, and couldn’t resist.

I was instantly very jealous.

Hannah didn’t really enjoy Frae. She found the natural flavour a little too tangy and sour, which was a shame. She thought the chocolate wasn’t bad, but wasn’t very chocolatey. You can see by her face expression that she wasn’t too impressed.

I enjoyed mine. Admittedly, compared to our other favourite froyo places, the chocolate wasn’t as chocolatey, but I thought it was still yummy. The peanut butter was really good, but wasn’t overly peanut buttery either. However, froyo’s texture is smooth, light and creamy, and I had zero regrets about getting a medium sized pot.

Frae had no regrets either.

Obviously, since I pay more for a medium pot.

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