Froyo at Pinkberry, London

So, I may or may not have failed my driving test. I had no idea you could even get a ‘dangerous’ mark during the test. Well, apparently you can! Asian woman driver – the odds are against me, aren’t they? I’d tactically taken the day off work so I wouldn’t be ridiculed by the office for my failures, so I decided to head to Selfridges with Ming and Hannah for a little retail therapy. Or a lot…

There’s also nothing better to turn your day around than a guilt-free froyo. And not just froyo, great froyo.

I was very excited. My ‘culinary journey’ was about to start!

I absolutely love Pinkberry.

The smoothies looked amazing, but I already had my heart set on what I was getting.

The most dangerous part of froyo is the selection of toppics they have. The caramel shavings, golden nuggets…

The peanut butter crunch

However, I’m always a good girl and get fruit as toppings.

I also took a nice picture of cans of Sanpellegrino on the counter and wasn’t really sure where to put it in the blog post so I’ve put it here.

Anyway, back to the froyo. What I love about Pinkberry is no matter which store I’m in, the staff are always so so friendly and encourage you to try as many samples as you want, even though I’d already told her which flavours I wanted to order. So obviously, I tried samples of everything.

We were professional froyo tasters and provided our opinion on each flavour.

The natural and fruit ones were good, but I always find they taste more like actual yoghurt and less delicious than the chocolatey flavours. But that’s my personal opinion – I’m just a chocolate person! I obviously got half chocolate half salted caramel (without the salt added) because the salted caramel is amazing. She told me that the salted caramel flavour was ending in 3 days. I was a little upset until she told me what flavour was replacing it. PEANUT. BUTTER. Ming managed to catch a picture of my reaction..

I told her I’d see her again in 3 days time. I got my salted caramel and chocolate swirled together and enjoyed the flavour whilst it lasted. For my toppings, I got blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. She said I had room for a couple more toppings, and I know I should have gotten more fruit but I cracked under pressure and got some almond biscuit.

… And dark chocolate buttons. I FAILED MY DRIVING TEST TODAY I CAN DO WHAT I LIKE.

It was a work of art.

Hannah got a natural and pomegranate swirled together, and managed to stick to fruit toppings.

We like opposite flavours.

Ming got the same flavours as me. You can see she started well with the kiwi, but things went downhill as she got overexcited and went for the chocolate buttons, biscuit and caramel sauce.

I don’t think she had any regrets though.

Hannah was just as happy with hers.

As was I! This day just keeps getting better and better.

Pinkberry is one of my favourite places for froyo in London. It has a really smooth texture, a great range of toppings that are pretty different to other froyo places, delicious flavours and always has lovely staff.

At least the roads of London are safe for a little while longer.

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