Lunch at The Greyhound, Berkshire

I don’t see my cousins nearly enough as I’d like. Working in London, I assumed I’d see them all the time, but since I’ve been so busy working that it’s just not often enough! Hamish had just arrived back from Australia and Bella was leaving to South Africa later that day, so we squeezed in enough time to have a nice lunch before Bella’s hockey match.

Damn. It was a Saturday.

It was a nice little place – a restaurant with a nice pub feel.

It was so nice catching up with these two rascals, as well as Tracy and Grandma Bridges.

I was excited to see what Eddie had to offer.

As was Hamish and Bella.

Hamish and my eyes went straight to the Mezze Platter. We decided to order it for the table to share as we waited for our mains.

It was with falafels, Puglian olives, baba ganoush, spiced chickpea dip, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, marinated feta and baby sun-blushed plum tomatoes, flatbreads, bulgar wheat & quinoa salad. The mushrooms were cold and not great, but the falafel wasn’t typical falafel and was absolutely delicious. We fought to the deaths for it.

It didn’t last long. Luckily, our mains weren’t too far from arriving.

I’d spotted the Pan-fried corn-fed chicken & chorizo with sweet potato & chive mash with crème fraîche sauce, which Hamish immediately then wanted. You’re welcome, Hamish. Always following me… He said it was amazing.

At the last minute, I then changed my order to one of their specials – the grilled hake with mashed potatoes, green beans, poached egg and chorizo butter. I asked for sweet potato mash instead of normal mash, being super good. The hake was fantastic and extremely meaty. I was a little disappointed that the chorizo butter wasn’t actually proper butter, but there were bits of chorizo which was an upside I suppose..

Bella said the burgers here are amazing, so she got the Prime steak burger which came in a brioche bun, tomato relish, streaky bacon, Devon cheddar and seasoned chips. To be fair, it looked delicious.

I had to get a close-up on that baby.

The little pot of ketchup was adorable.

Tracy had the grilled corn-fed chicken and bacon flatbread wrap, which she said was pretty stodgy, and didn’t really enjoy.

Grandma Bridges was very unimpressed with her food. She’d ordered the starter of home-cured Cornish mackerel with red onion salad, gooseberry and elderflower compote as her main. She said it was very dry and wasn’t great at all.

This photo was clearly taken when she was oblivious to what was ahead.

Mine wasn’t dry though, especially with this bad boy runny poached egg.

I sadly finished long before everyone else did, once again. So typical.

Bella offered me some of her chips to keep me company. I said no, trying to be good. But damn, did they look good.

Instead of desserts, we all got teas and coffees instead. Bella got a Peppermint tea. The little tea pot and mug that it came with was absolutely adorable.

I was glad I got my own green tea. I gave the little shortbread biscuit away though.

One of the best things about winter coming is hot beverages. As much as I love iced coffee, I also love a good tea. And hot chocolate. God, I can’t wait for a good hot chocolate.

The rest of the gang got coffees.

Hamish got a double espresso to combat his jet-lag.

He looked pretty awake to me. This man was made for the cameras.

I was ready to be the embarrassing stage-mum and cheer and yell from the side-lines, getting far too into the game to embarrass Bella. Although fuelled on his double espresso, I was showed up by Hamish who took on that role pretty well.

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