Midnight Snack at VQ, London

You know when you’re on a night out, and suddenly you’re starving, or maybe you just need to sober up. Whatever the reason, I always find myself very hungry at a ridiculous hour. Instead of grabbing a kebab from the kebab van that’s outside the bus stop back at university, I found myself at this little establishment. VQ is on Fulham road (perfect location) and open 24 hours. My kind of place. This is where I’ll be coming to get pancakes at 4am.

We’d been out drinking, but poor Beth hadn’t eaten any dinner, so was famished. I’m always pretty hungry, so I was up for some food as well. VQ has a good menu – 24 hour breakfast (yay!) as well as some normal mains.

I wanted to get some breakfast, but I felt I wasn’t drunk enough or too far into the next day to do so. Next time.

Instead, the party continued. They don’t do bottles of wine, so we got a 500ml carafe. Also it’s worth noting that they don’t serve you alcohol here unless you’re getting food.

Beth, who was starving, got a hearty spaghetti with meatballs as well as a side of rocket sprinkled with parmesan.

She said the pasta was really good. I stole a couple of meatballs at the end that she didn’t finish, which I enjoyed. Love a good meatball. She didn’t really like the rocket though, so I ate that too.

Hannah and I both ordered the Bang Bang Chicken. Hannah didn’t like the sauce, and I didn’t like the fact that there wasn’t much chicken in it. At least it was healthy? And carb-free?

At least we ordered sweet potato fries, which were delicious. Although there weren’t very many in the little pot.. Maybe it was a bad idea to share.

To make up for our very average meal, we ordered a Banoffee Pie to share. 

This lasted approximately 40 seconds between us.

I wouldn’t come here just for the food, but it’s a great place when you’ve finished a night out and just want some carbs inside of you. Which is often.

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