Drive In Film Club, London

When I read that there was a drive-in cinema in London happening, I had to get tickets. I’ve always, always wanted to go to one ever since I was 7 and watched first watched Grease, which was one of my favourite movies. And since Grease was one of the films they were playing, it was pretty obvious which day I was going to buy tickets for. 

Hannah, Tina and I cruised up nice and early to get a good spot. Each ticket is for one car, not the amount of people.

We were greeted and given our little welcome pack, telling us about the drive-in cinema, all the details and the menu.

Yes yes yes yes.

There were even guys on roller-skates serving snacks and drinks through the car windows.

For the hot food, however, you had to go up and get it yourself. Drats. There was a Bombay Street Food stall, as well as the Route 66 stall. I knew which one I wanted to go for…


Hannah ordered some nachos.

They were okay. The cheese wasn’t melted, which was a bit crappy. You need to have melted cheese.

Tina got a pulled pork burrito, which sounded incredible and was highly recommended.

And a Limonata.

I went for a free-range chicken burrito. I wasn’t even hungry as I’d stuffed my face earlier, I just really wanted one.

Hannah got a chilli cheese dog as well, but I think they accidentally forgot the chilli cheese.

After we were fully stocked up, we headed back to the car to eat in there and wait for the movie to start. For some reason I just love eating in the car. It’s why I like drive-thru’s so much. I think maybe I’m just very, very lazy.

My chicken burrito was good. Good enough for me to demolish even though I wasn’t hungry.

Tina’s pulled pork burrito was really good.

Hannah’s hot dog was really good too. Shame they forgot the chilli cheese, even though the guy reminded said three times to make a chilli cheese dog. Silly.

We’d finished our food in record time. Now all we had to do was wait.

We tuned into the set radio station that the film’s sound was broadcasted on.

Such a good place to bring a date. I had two hotties in the front though, although was all on my lonesome in the backseat. I decided to get cosy and sprawl out.

It was so much fun watching it in the carpark. It’s one of my all-time favourite films and I hadn’t seen it in ages, which made it so much better.

We felt compelled to have popcorn whilst we watched a movie, so we bought a tub of sweet and a tub of salted to share, as well as a bag of minstrels. Still wasn’t hungry. But that wasn’t the point.

Such a fun evening with John Travolta and Olivia N-J.

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