Breakfast at The Cosy Club, Bath

I absolutely love Bath. Every time I come back to visit I just get so happy. It’s the most beautiful city, and it’s filled with some of my favourite people. Needless to say, I was a pretty happy girl! To top it all off, it has some great places to eat. I’d been dying to go to The Cosy Club for a while now, since I’d heard such good things about it. There’s one in lots of different cities around the UK, and you can go for any reason, from brunch to drinks. Things were about to get veeeery cosy.

They have a nice ‘cosy’ little seating area where you can wait to be seated and order some drinks.

You can also keep yourself preoccupied. Very preoccupied.

I absolutely love their interior.

God, I was just too happy. It’s so, so nice to catch up with people that you used to see absolutely every day, chatting about gossip I’d been missing out on and Morgan’s Star Wars audition plans. It’s like a part of me was missing! Morgan, I think we’ve found your headshot for you to take…

Okay, I’ll stop being soppy and get down and dirty with business. The menu. (Although check out the pretty napkin!)

The first thing that caught my eye were the milkshakes. Chocolate. Caramel. Hazelnut. Are you kidding me?

Then the puddings. Oh, the puddings. Chocolate Trifle. Sticky Toffee Pudding. Boxed Baked Cider Camembert. Oh my god. The temptation to order just a milkshake and a dessert was slowly taking over my body. I hate you beach bod diet. I hate you so much. Never have I considered liposuction more.

Instead, my milkshake dreams quickly shattered as I got a freshly squeezed orange juice. Apart from tea and miso soup, it’s probably my favourite thing to drink after a big night out. Vitamin C, come at me.

Katie ordered this stunning cappuccino.

Oh Morgan, just break my heart why don’t you? He ordered a vanilla milkshake. And he said it was great.

My verging-on-sexual desires to devour every pudding on the menu also quickly faded when I realised just how soon I’d be getting into a bikini. I suddenly became a beastly man and proteined up with steak and eggs, asking to swap the potatoes for mushrooms. Such a no-carbs diva.

Katie ordered the Fish Finger Sandwich on brown bread. Great call.

I was nearly going to do what Morgan did and order tapas. There’s a list of dishes and you can order one for 3.50 pounds or 3 for 9.95 pounds, and they had some pretty delicious sounding dishes. Although it comes with ciabatta. No thanks. My love-hate relationship with bread is becoming pretty dangerous.

Morgan went for the honey-glazed shredded 5-spice pork, chorizo in red wine & garlic and crispy potatoes with mature cheddar and spring onion.

The Cosy Club do a good range of different burgers. Charlie went for the Salmon and Crayfish Burger.

Ingrid, a new vegetarian, went for the Falafel Burger. Whilst I love nothing more than a juicy beef patty, I have to say that with the grilled halloumi on top, it looked pretty damn good.

Shit, but so did this baby. Dom ordered the Hero Hamburger. And yes, that’s chorizo on top.

They were all very excited.

But not as excited as I was when I saw this. I think I nearly choked on my steak.

A BURGER AND STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING??? Yummy Mondays and Tapas Tuesdays are officially my new favourite things. Ever. And if you know me, you know I’m not joking. See you there.

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