Breakfast at Gail's, London

Gail’s may be a chain, but it’s one of the best coffee shops. I love it for breakfast as you can either sit in and get a nice cooked breakfast on their menu, or just pop in to get a few croissants and coffees to takeaway back home with you. Their pastries always look absolutely incredible, and I always want to try a bit of everything. Get ready to drool over a lot of delicious pictures…

I’ve always wanted to buy a loaf of freshly baked bread, but I never eat enough bread to do it. Especially since I’m trying to do this whole low-carb thing for beach bod, which isn’t going fantastic let’s be honest.

But check out these babies…

Gail’s have been said to have the best brownies. I’ve tried them, and they’re dense, but delicious, although I prefer warm brownies topped with vanilla ice-cream.

These cakes also looked amazing. Why can’t I just eat everything and not get fat? It’s what women really want in life.

Okay, you health-conscious bunnies, they do salads too.

And some great granola. Ignore to biscuits. Resist them. Although all I wanted to do was take a bag home and have them with a cup of tea.

Dad and Grandma joined me for breakfast. Once again, I may or may not have gone out the night before. And I may or may not have felt a little worse for wear.

Two cappuccinos and an orange juice for me. I needed to get my dose of Vitamin C.

Dad ordered the roast field mushrooms, baby spinach, melted cheese and either scrambled or fried egg on top of sourdough toast. The melted cheese on top of the mushrooms made it so good.

Grandma tucked into the English muffins with bacon, scrambled egg and slow roast tomatoes.

I went healthy and got the granola with seasonal fruit compote and organic Greek yoghurt. Their seasonal fruit compote change often, and they usually have a choice of two. We went for the blueberry and blackberry one, which was really nice.

It soon looked like this.

It was yummy, but I felt like I needed a little more solid food to line my stomach. Dad and I decided to go halves on our meals, and Grandma (thankfully) couldn’t finish her meal and gave me a muffin topped with scrambled egg.

No photos, please.

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