Breakfast at Graze, Bath

Only visiting Bath for a couple of days, I tried my best to cram in seeing as many people as possible, which meant I couldn’t leave without seeing my bez! Matt and I decided to meet for breakfast before I hopped onto the train back to London, so we headed to Graze, which is right by the train station. Since my train was fairly early (for a Sunday), I felt bad that Matt woke up so early to come meet me. You can see no one else was around from their heavy Saturday night.

Just Matt and I!

It’s a bar, brewery and chophouse, but it also does a cracking breakfast.

We started off with some tap water and orange juice before ordering our breakfast.

Whilst we waited, I ran off like a little kid in a candy shop taking pictures of the place. Making the most of it whilst it’s empty!

After a couple of minutes, I shuffled back for a proper catch up with my bez. Soon enough, our breakfast arrived – hooray!

Matt ordered the Eggs Royale.

Being on my detox, I just went for the classic smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Hold the toast, please.

Toast or no toast, I will still very excited to be eating. God, I love breakfast.

Because there’s so much lovely natural lighting in the place, it was too bright for the camera to capture a great picture of Matt. He said he preferred the fact that you couldn’t really see his face anyway. Looking good, bez!

We overestimated our time for breakfast and had plenty of time to spare, so I got a peppermint tea as we sat and chatted away for another 20 minutes.

Matt got a coffee to keep him awake since it was so early. Oops.

Unfortunately, we chatted away a bit too long and I actually ended up missing my train by an annoying 20 seconds, so I had to ring Matt to come back and we sat in Costa Coffee across the road for another hour. I ordered a hot chocolate to cheer myself up. Chocolate makes things better. And some quality bez time.

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