Bubble Tea at Bubbly, Bath

Bubble tea isn’t really a big deal in Asia. At all. It’ all started in Taiwan, and it’s been around for absolutely ages. When living in Singapore, I never really went for bubble tea – I didn’t really enjoy the pearls (tapioca balls) as they were too chewy and I just wanted to enjoy a nice beverage! However, bubble tea is getting so trendy in the UK, with bubble tea places opening up all over London. When I went back to Bath, I stumbled across Bubbly that had just recently opened. Ugh. Bubble tea was getting so cool, I felt impulsed to try some so I could fit in with the cool, edgy kids. Like a craving. What was happening to me? EVERYONE ELSE LIKES IT, MAYBE I WAS WRONG.

There are so many different bubble tea flavours you can get, usually milky or fruity.

Even selling mochi – so Asian!

All the different flavoured pearls were lined up.

Erin and I scanned the menu as I thought of what to get. I ended up doing what I usually do and asking them what they recommended. They said taro was their most popular flavour – they gave me a sniff of the powder and said that it tasted like a bit like cookies and cream. It’s purple in colour and it’s actually a vegetable. Hmmm so adventurous.

Bubbly is a pretty cute place. It’s quite big and colourful, and you can tell it’d be happening… if it was full.

I absolutely love this pin board of polaroids.

But this was by far my favourite part.

It was a virtual graffiti wall with a spray-can sensor.

I obviously got overexcited, as I do. What better to do whilst I wait?

My work of art.

I was clearly very proud of it!

My drink was ready and waiting for me by the time I was done. Such Asian packaging! Made me a little homesick.

I’m not quite sure if I enjoyed taro. I know it’s their most popular flavour, but I love chocolate milk so I really should have gone for chocolate instead.

And as trendy as it is, I still fucking hate bubble tea. Never going to doubt myself again.

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