Dinner at Busaba Eathai, London

It was about that time for our Grandma-Grandaughter dinner date. We wanted something fuss free, relaxed, and somewhere that just does good food. I’d always walked past Busaba Eathai, and it was somewhere I’d always been meaning to try. I’d heard good things, and when someone on Twitter suggested I pay it visit, it just spurred me on even more. Good thing Grandma loves a bit of Thai.

It had a pretty good spread of a menu. I wouldn’t have been able to narrow it down if I wasn’t cutting carbs, which narrowed it down a lot.

We got our health on and we both ordered juices. I got the Koh Samui coconut, carrot and orange.

Grandma went all out with the Nam polamai carrot, apple, celery, dandelion and nettle extract. 

We were ready to chow down.

It was the exact place we were looking for. It has a really chilled vibe, with big tables that everyone just shares.

The decor was simple with some typical Thai touches.

Armed with some hot chilli sauce, we were ready to go.

Out came the spread that we ordered. The majority of the dishes that we ordered were actually sides, since most of the mains contained some form of carbs (noodles or rice mostly).

I ordered the fish cakes, which we were really excited about until we were told they had prawn in them, so Grandma couldn’t have any as she’s allergic. I guess I’ll just have to take one for the team!

The Thai Calamari with ginger and peppercorn was my favourite. It’s a must-order.

I tried to sneak as much veg in as I could, so ordered the Chinese broccoli with garlic and shiitake mushroom.

We also got the Phad Phak, which wis French bean, broccoli, courgette, baby corn, cashew and pine nut.

Grandma got the Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce to make up for the fact that she couldn’t have any fish cakes.

The only main we ordered was a stir-fry. We went for the Peppercorn Scallops, which came with asparagus, sugar snap peas and lime leaf.

However, my go-to Thai dish will always be Pandan Chicken, which is with garlic and coriander root wrapped in a pandan leaf.

For those who have (for some stupid reason) never had it, you unwrap the pandan leaf off the chicken before you eat it.

Say hello to a juicy piece of perfection.

I was absolutely stuffed, but Grandma has such a sweet-tooth and will always order a scoop of vanilla ice cream to finish off her meal. I’d been so good with my detox so far, but Grandma always manages to peer pressure me into having a little bit. At least we didn’t do cocktails this time!

Sadly, Grandma has now been told by the doctor that she’s no longer allowed to have cheese or ice cream. Two of her favourite things. I don’t know how she’s going to survive! Maybe I’ll buy her a bottle of Jack Daniel’s instead.

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