Dinner at Comptoir Libanais, London

Since Hannah moved out, I’ve hardly been able to see her. I feel like a little piece of me is missing. So when we reunited, we had the best day ever. It was a typical Bianca and Hannah day of fun, and we actually did all our favourite things without even realising it. It started with froyo, followed by getting our nails done and shopping at Selfridges, ending with Lebanese food. We love Lebanese food. I’ve always been to the Comptoir Libanais in the food hall in Westfield, but never to their actual restaurant, so we decided to give it a go.

The place was absolutely packed, and we were lucky there were only two of us so they could squeeze us in after only a few minutes wait outside.

They had an open kitchen, which I love.

They have a little display by the kitchen of all their salads and wraps that they do, so you can sneak a peek.

And their Lebanese sweets.

Being the gym angels that we are attempting to be, we ordered juices. I went for a carrot, apple, orange and ginger juice.

Hannah and I pretty much like the same thing, and think the exact same as well, which is extremely useful. Especially since we both wanted to order the mezze platter to share between us (without the pita bread). The platter came with hummus, tabbouleh, falafel, baba ghanuj, cheese sambousek, pickles and organic lentil salad.

The sambousek and falafel were a bit cheeky in terms of the detox, but ah well. Lebanese is too good to say no to.

We both ordered our mains from the grill. You genuinely can’t go wrong with a meaty dish. It just reminds me how I could never be a veggie. We both were little divas and asked for salad instead of rice.

Hannah ordered the Lamb Kofta.

I went for the Mixed Grill, which was lamb kofta, chicken shish taouk and chicken kofta.

It came with a garlic sauce, which was so good, as well as the red one, which I’m not too sure what it was but discovered it was very spicy.

The night then went onto many cocktails at Anita’s leaving drinks (Hannah’s sister) at a new bar in Putney, Lost and Co. Such a good day. Can’t wait to be reunited with this girl again!

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