Dinner at Taro, London

When you’ve been out for a few drinks, the last place you want to go is somewhere fancy. If I’m honest, I prefer places that are relaxed and just serve you good food, with no fancy frills that distract you from it. So it’s not just when I’ve been drinking. But in this case, I may or may not have been.
It’s right opposite La Bodega Negra, which you can just about see in the window reflection. I like how Taro’s kitchen can be seen from upstairs, and you can look downstairs from outside, which is where the restaurant is.

It was the perfect place to attempt to blend in with the rest of the sober people. Please acknowledge how I’ve prioritised taking pictures to document this for my blog whilst under the influence.

Just because I’m on a detox, I decided to see what I was missing out on, and flipped straight to the desserts. I definitely need to introduce this place to Mama Bridges – she’d love a scoop of ginger ice cream.

So since we’d been drinking, we may as well have a bit more. I dislike sake. Sake is not my thing, or my friend. It was clearly not my idea to order it, however since it was right in front of me, it’d just be rude not to have a try.

Nope, still didn’t like it. But I drank it anyway.

We were staring at this little poster from Ramune on the wall. I presume it’s a fizzy drink, and we got very excited over it (probably because we were a little tipsy), and we were determined to order it.

Our meals started off with some miso soup.

We ordered a few small plates as well, which came before our meals. I went healthy and ordered a plate of spinach, which was served cold. I prefer hot spinach, but an intoxicated Bianca never complains about food.

We also ordered tofu steak and gyoza.

As you may already know, tofu steak is my favourite ever since Hannah got me to try it at our favourite sushi place in Bath. I’ve never looked back. This tofu steak was amazing.

Note the Asian flush. Some say it’s adorable, okay?

We ordered bento boxes for our mains. I love a good bento box. We got an eel and a teriyaki salmon one. I managed to stay carb-free and ignored all the rice in the box. And that is difficult when drinking. I should get bonus points for that, or a gold star, or something. A high-five maybe?

We forgot to order our Ramune. Dammit. We went to Lab Bar right next door instead, and I got my favourite ever banana cocktail, Cruel Summer, which made up for it. Just.

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