Ice Cream at G&D's, Oxford

Every time I have a conversation where Oxford is involved, everyone always tells me to hit up G&D’s, the ‘best ice-cream shop in Oxford’. The first time I heard it, I kind of just shrugged it off, but it became a constant thing hearing it and eventually I was desperate to go and added it to my ‘must-visit’ places. That’s why when I went down to Oxford for the first time to celebrate Georgie’s birthday, I knew that I needed to go. It didn’t matter that I arrived an hour before we went out and I was leaving early the next day. It just meant that I’d have to eat it for breakfast. And I was okay with that.
They have different outlets around Oxford and their flavours vary everyday. 

All their ice-cream is made fresh downstairs.

They have traditional chocolate, vanilla, strawberry flavours, as well as the more interesting ones – Dime Bar Crunch, White Russian (which was alcoholic, obviously, and which I would have gone for if I wasn’t a teensy bit hungover), Ginger, etc.

I was instantly drawn to the Purity and Danger, which was vanilla with fudge brownie chunks.

They also had a few of Halloween-themed flavours, such as Vampire (which was a blood orange sorbet), Zombie and Pumpkin.

I was so excited that I ran around the shop taking pictures. I was also waiting for Katie to show up. Georgie was a little too hungover and couldn’t make it… More for us!

They do delicious baked goods as well.

Because it was breakfast, I debated getting a bagel for a while. They have a selection of different bagels, as well as a pretty good filling selection.

As you can see.

But we both know I didn’t come here for a bagel, and my mind was made up. I went for the Purity & Danger, as well as the Golden Secret, which was vanilla ice-cream with nuggets of Crunchie Bar. The Purity & Danger was really good, the Golden Secret was amazing.

This lovely lady finally arrived.

I tucked into my ice-cream as she wondered what to order.

Of course, I shared. Hungover and vulnerable.

Also, how could you not to this face?

We decided it was extremely foolish of me not to get one of their sundaes. Dammit Bianca. Rookie error. 

We corrected my ways and ordered a Brownie Sundae. It’s one scoop of ice-cream, hot chocolate fudge sauce, tons of whipped cream and either chopped nuts or chocolate sprinkles. We chose the Dime Bar Crunch as our ice-cream. It’s the kind of thing that being in the right frame of mind, I probably would have not gotten it, especially after my two scoops of ice-cream. But I was still half-asleep and in a strange new place, so that went out of the window. It must be all of this Oxford air.

But look how magnificent it is. It was a work of art.

The hot chocolate sauce with the whipped cream and ice-cream was incredible, going beautifully with the brownie. God, what a great decision.

It was so nice to spend time with this chick, and what better to do than share a bowl full of happiness and calories?

Probably not the best beach body decision. Especially since I felt like I had a bit too much sugar after and munched down an entire baguette.

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  1. November 29, 2013 / 11:49 am

    The other diners ate red snapper and some sort of shrimp scampi dish. The red snapper was again a restaurant week meal and DELICIOUS…I was uber jealous I had not ordered it. We were all pleasantly surprised. Taxi Oxford to London

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