Lunch at Wahaca, London

I will take any excuse to go and eat out. The great thing about working in an office is that everyone else thinks like that too, and will have any excuse to get out of the office for a while. That’s why when there was an ‘Operations Lunch’ (a couple of the guys wanted to go to Wahaca), there was no way they were leaving me behind.
Wahaca is a restaurant with mexican market-style eating. They have a few locations scattered around, and they don’t take reservations to maximise the market-style experience, which makes it have a really chilled vibe. Also, their food is bloody good. 

They have a little sink by the door for you to wash your hands.

If it wasn’t lunchtime, I would have definitely been hanging by the bar…

The margaritas were calling for me.

I drew myself away from the bar, but sitting at the table didn’t help either. This was staring at me in the face.

Having water instead was riveting, as you can tell… At least it was in a cool tequila bottle. Hmph.

Anyway, I had this big ass menu to stare at instead. There was no way I’d be able to decide what I was going to have, so I left it up to the others to order instead, for once!

I love menus that waitresses just write all over. I know exactly what’s coming up.

Scattered around the restaurant was bowls full of this. At first, I thought they were matches like some restaurants have, but they’re chilli seeds! How cool is that!?

It’s one of those things where I can picture myself growing my own chillies, but that just really never happens. They’re still sitting in my bag now. But it’s the coolest idea ever, and it didn’t stop me taking loads of packets in hopes of one day growing chillies…. Is that sad?

I didn’t have too long to think about how sad I was being as the food arrived. I really, really wish I could tell you this was, but I have absolutely no idea since I didn’t order.. Everything was absolutely incredible though!

But it’s even better with the spicy wahaca sauces.

The sweet potato was the most incredible sweet potato I’ve ever had. Ever. Ever ever ever. This is 100% a must-order if you come.  It was dressed with smoky caramelised mojo de ajo.

The tostadas were good. They’re two crisp tortillas, pilled high with a cold, light salad. The first one was the chicken guajillo, which was chunks of chicken marinated in a chipolte dressing layered with crunchy salad mix, avocado cream, salsa fresca and their smoky guajillo oil.

The next was the MSC ceviche, which was with certified shrimp and scallops tossed with a refreshing mix of hot habanero chilli, lime, cucumber and mint.

We also had the marinated chicken taquitos, which is two tortillas wrapped around the chicken filling. They’re fried and served with crema.

The corn was outstanding as well – grilled and slathered with sour cream mayo mix, chilli-sugar-salt, Lancashire cheese and a squeeze of lime.

The tacos are a must-order too. The steak tacos were so yummy.

The pork was really good too, but make sure you like it spicy. They were dripping with oil as well, so be careful.

I can’t tell you how glad I was that we came here. And how glad I am that I’m so annoying that they had no choice but to take me with them.

We got a couple of quesadillas too – chorizo & potato, as well as chipotle chicken. Ughhhh they were all so delicious I can’t get over it!

One of the Autumn specials was the Chorizo torta Sandwich. It was Grilled chorizo in a sourdough roll, layered with chipotle mayo, rocket, roasted red onion and guacamole. It’s served with tortilla chips and salsa fresca. I didn’t have any as I wasn’t up for over-carbing it, but everyone else said it was absolutely amazing. Another must-order.

It was such a great meal. I’d eaten there only once before, but I waited until now to blog about it because I hadn’t brought my camera and I had to take shitty photos on my phone. I wasn’t planning on using them but I have to talk about the desserts, so I’ll put the pictures from then in now.

It was late Summer when we went.

Whist waiting for our food, we ordered frijoles & tortilla chips. Frijoles is rich, creamy black beans cooked twice for flavour, and it was served with crumbled cheese and crema.

My boss also ordered a round of tequila to start off the dinner. I hadn’t taken any Zantac. It was a worrying start to the night.

All of the items that we ordered were more-or-less the same as what we had at lunch, and they were ordered by someone different, so the fact that they both ordered the same things shows that that’s what’s good there. However, at lunch we didn’t get desserts, and they are spectacular.

They have two sorbets – mango and passionfruit. And the sorbets are so delicious, and perfectly refreshing to have after your dinner.

I thought it was amazing, but it only got better. Their churros is the best churros I’ve ever had. God, wahaca is amazing.

I was stuffed. I’d eaten my weight’s worth of Mexican food, as well been so greedy with dessert. I was full. I was done. No more dessert for Bianca.

A suspicious dish was being passed around the table. Being nosey and naive, I innocently asked what it was. It’s called a Marathon Sundae. I thought it was a brownie, but it’s actually a chocolate cake base topped with ice-cream, hot chocolate sauce and caramelised peanuts. Oh, okay. Interesting. So what’s that ice-cream on top?

Peanut butter. It was peanut butter ice-cream. Goodbye to any hopes of resisting any further dessert. I was sold.

It finished off what was a great dinner. If you’ve never been to wahaca, go. Man, I want to go to Mexico. The rest of the night was very tequila-themed.

I finally found out what my work punishment was for making the least amount of welcome calls… I didn’t see this in my job description.

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