Breakfast at La Serre, Dubai

Papa Bridges had some meetings in Dubai last week so he had to fly over, like the little jet-setter he is. And guess who crashed his business trip?
Reunited and it feels so good!

We stayed at Vida Hotel, so naturally it was the easiest place to go for a quick brekkie. The gang were on Singapore time (4 hours ahead), so rose bright and early, ready for the day ahead. Me, on the other hand, was awoken by loud Asian women shouting (chatting normally), and was dragged out of bed, into some clothes and off to eat. So much for sleeping in. I thought this was my holiday!

It’s okay, drooling over freshly baked goods got me excited and very awake.

There were a few tears..

Sorry, pop star!

These were more ‘detox’ appropriate..

Anyway, we sat outside to soak up the gorgeous sun (which is just a normal day for them, but absolute heaven for me), and far away from anything stuffed with sugar and cream.

Well, as long as I don’t order the Pain Perdu. Shit, I love Pain Perdu.

Instead, I got a natural sugar hit from some freshly squeezed OJ.

Mama Bridges, completely used to the warm temperature, had no problem going for a coffee.

Little Ming was the same, and had a green tea. If you look closely, she can see she made a fly friend. She didn’t realise at the time, so will probably be a little grossed out reading this (we don’t like flies, and there were a lot of them trying to crawl their way into our food. Bastards.)

We’ve converted Papa Bridges into a healthy gentleman this year, and he went for the granola.

Mama Bridges got the smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, her favourite.

Ming and I didn’t know what to get, so we decided to do our typical sister move and split our food. Our first dish we split was the greek yoghurt with nuts, which was drizzled with honey.

The second dish was where we decided to be ballers and got scrambled eggs with truffle. We both absolutely adore truffle. Okay, not so much ballers, as we figured the price of this balanced out with the price of the greek yoghurt into two decently priced meals. For Dubai.

Damn, it was good. First meal of Dubai and I was a happy girl.

Dad’s colleague, Damien, ordered an omelette. It arrived in the same beautiful dish, but looked a little more lonely.

What didn’t look lonely was the baguette. Sweet, wonderful baguette.

I love jam that has little pieces of the fruit in it.

I told you that we’re over, bread. Stay away from me please.

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  1. josephine ferns
    May 31, 2016 / 7:30 am

    u look very beautiful…and lovely pics….

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