Breakfast at Ozone, London

Ozone is a coffee roaster in New Zealand that make gorgeous artisan coffee. I freaking love New Zealand. Why is everything they do so good?? They opened up a restaurant in Shoreditch that serve their coffee, as well as deeelicious food. I’ve been told they do a great breakfast. Did I mention I love breakfast?

Hot chocolate with peppermint? Vanilla chai latte? Amazing coffee?

And don’t get me started on this spread…

And that’s not even the coffee..

Upstairs they have an open kitchen where you can gaze at the Chef in awe as he’s cooking up your meal. It’s the only time I’m not impatient waiting for my food.

I would have loved to sat up there, but it was pretty full as we only strolled in late morning, so we were perched downstairs. Hungry and impatient it is.

They actually brew the coffee in the place itself. It’s safe to say I had a lot of fun running around taking pictures.

Once I’d snapped away and worked up an appetite (not that I needed to), I finally settled back into my seat. Impatience didn’t actually happen as everything arrived pretty rapidly.

I know I should have ordered coffee. This was the place to be to get a coffee. But I got an orange juice instead. I’d have regretted it if they didn’t come in such cute glasses! I kinda like Shoreditch.

At least I got to hear about how good the coffee was.

And how ‘sweet’ (ha-ha-haaaaa) is this sugar sign?

I was told how good the Eggs Benedict here was. Instead of an English Muffin, it comes with bubble & squeak. I know I was avoiding carbs, but that just sounded too good not to try. You can get it with ham, bacon, smoked salmon or spinach and Portobello mushroom.

Great decision.

I feel like potatoes aren’t as bad as bread anyway. And I need carbs after a night out to soak everything up. Plus it was so good. AND SPINACH IS GOOD FOR YOU OKAY.

Cheers, Bro!

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