Dinner at Chiswick, Sydney

When we were younger, we’d go out to eat in the same restaurants over and over again. Not that I minded – good food is good food, and there’s a reason we’d revisit them. Like a lot of people, they just hand their group of favourite places and would never venture too far out of them. Once Ming and I became big girls (and thanks to the evolution of the internet and Instagram), we discovered more and more places that we wanted to try. Things got adventurous in the Bridges family. Not that it already wasn’t.
Ming discovered this little gem, and because of the gorgeous photos of the place (and the high rating on google), it was our first dinner stop for the trip.

I absolutely adore places with so much natural light. AND the fact that it was 7pm and still light. Please don’t make me go back to England.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

We (Ming) only called up earlier that day to make a booking, and we were pretty lucky that they could squeeze us in since it was busy as ever. We find that in Australia people eat super early (6.30, 7ish). By 9 or 10, pretty much everything is closed.

We shuffled through the restaurant and found our table. Don’t be fooled by how empty this area looks, it was filled up pretty swiftly after we sat down.

The creeper outside is, of course, Papa Bridges (he went to park the car).

Because we’d been travelling, I got that jetlag feeling where you’re not sure if you’re hungry or not, and have no bloody clue what you want to eat. I don’t think I was that hungry, and felt a little sick. Blergh. Damn the fact that we were in such a nice place – I guess I’ll have to eat.

They had an amazing drinks menu as well, full of pitchers, cocktails, and homemade sodas.

Grandma went for her classic G&T.

I was still detoxing from my hideously bad birthweek, so I didn’t have a cocktail. Ming kept seeing people order the same pink cocktail, and she therefore decided it must be amazing and was determined to have one. She grabbed the nearest waiter, who told her it was the Ruby Rose.

A little mix of vodka, pink grapefruit, rose syrup, pear liqueur & Vietnamese mint.

Mum was a (kind of) good girl and got a virgin mojito.

There was, of course, the standard appearance of red.

Ming decided the Ruby Rose was yummy but a little too strong, and handed it down to the more experienced in the field (Grandma and Dad). She then ordered a Lychee & Thai Basil homemade soda.

Which was very much enjoyed.

Being pathetic and jetlagged and, quite honestly, a bit of a princess, I was falling asleep at the table and spitting the worst chat. There was only one route to take – caffeine. I ordered a latte so it would keep me up and I would still hopefully be able to sleep later that night (I ended up staying up till 1am).

The menu wasn’t too big, which was good since it meant we could try everything we wanted.

For starters we ordered some small plates… Cured ocean trout, Yarra Valley roe and lemon verbena

Shaved fennel, olive, orange and pine nuts

Beetroot (Dad’s favourite), roast baby carrots, house labneh and dukkah

Seared scallops, almond, new season grapes

Ceviche of king fish, chilli and lime

Everything was so yummy, and it was all light enough not to make me feel sick. Hooray! Google reviews get it right every time!

Instead of getting mains, we went for plates ‘To Share’, which feeds 2 or 3 people (depending on how hungry you are, how greedy you were with the small plates, etc), so we ordered a couple between us 5. We went for the Roasted Snapper Fillets with mussels and gremolata.

As well as the Wood roasted Moran family lamb, chickpeas, za’atar and mint.

The lamb was so tender. Grandma was ready to bust her way into it with a knife, but once she just poked it with her fork, it literally slid off the bone.

Being the healthy honeys we are, we ordered a plate of steamed greens, which was big enough to share between all 5 of us.

Everyone raved about how AMAZING the food was. I could tell it was such good quality food and absolutely delicious… But unfortunately I felt sick, which sucked. I couldn’t fully appreciate it’s beauty and had to pretty much stop myself from whinging the whole time like a little diva.

I still ate it all, obviously. A girl’s got priorities.

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