Lunch at Bluebird, London

December is my favourite month. Not only is it my birthday month (hooray!), but it’s Christmas. And I bloody LOVE Christmas. I have to wait 11 months for December to come back round each year, and I’m genuinely the happiest little bee for the entire month. Who doesn’t love getting festive? I especially love restaurants that get into the Christmas Spirit. Bluebird does the extremely well. Usually, Bluebird is just my local watering hole, but at Christmas it becomes so much more! For one, it has a Christmas tree at the front. And an ice-rink. Beat that.

Unfortunately, Hamish and I were in a fragile state, and there would be no ice-skating.

There was a little someone else who was a lot more fresh-faced though.

Step inside Bluebird and be hit by their beautiful decorations. It’s such a big space that it doesn’t even look over-the-top.

Sunday lunch is the best time to see your family. You’re hungover enough to not want to overly chat, to  want to receive some family love, and to eat. To eat lot.

And in Hamish’s case, drink a sprite to settle his tummy. For people who don’t already know, sprite is the best thing to have when you have an upset tummy or a queezy hangover.

Grandma doesn’t have a problem with that, and orders a Bloody Mary. I hope I become half the woman she is one day.

Some pretty delicious looking bread was placed in front of us…

I decided to distract myself with the menu. They have a special dish for each day of the week, and since it was Sunday, the roast beef was obviously the special.

No. No roast for me. I had line caught cod with chorizo, mussels, butterbeans and grilled leeks. And hold the chorizo. Back on diva mode.

I even had a side of broccoli with it. So healthy. Much better than killing my hangover with a big, fat dominos, which was what I always used to do.

Tracy ordered the Eggs Florentine with a glass of white.

And a nice salad on the side.

For Grandma and Mama Bridges, it was go hard or go home. They obviously got the Sunday roast. And shit, did it look good.

Especially with horseradish smothered on it. Check how good that Yorkshire pudding looks.

About on par with how good this burger looked, which is what a hungover Hamish and not-hungover Bella got.

I wasn’t jealous. Okay, maybe a little. But who couldn’t be after witnessing this?

My meal was pretty big anyway, so I demolished that and didn’t look back. I DON’T NEED YOU CARBS. But I did inhale it, so I had to order a fresh mint tea to help myself digest. Again.

Everyone else climbed on the same boat and we all got fresh mint teas as we chatted about Christmas plans and Hamish slowly climbed out of his hangover-coma.

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