Lunch at Chargrill Charlie's, Sydney

I’m a little late with posts (the internet was shockingly bad!), so this is from last week when we first arrived in Sydney! The cold English weather was getting too much for my Asian-raised skin, and going back to my hometown where I was born was just what I needed. Our whole family absolutely loves coming back, and it’s a ritual that the first thing we do after we arrive (and vacuum up the spiders) is to pay a visit to our favourite – Chargrill Charlie’s.

We always call it Charcoal Charlie’s for some reason. I think it has a better ring, personally.

It was as busy as I’ve always remembered it, with bulky Australian guys getting their protein outside and families coming in for their favourites.

You actually need to take a ticket because it gets so hectic.

Now if any of you know me, you know that I can eat chicken for China. I love chicken. You can imagine how excited my face is every time I go. I’d shut down the store myself if I could.

They even have their own sauces.

And dessert, if there’s room somehow after all that chicken. I’ve never actually tried their dessert for this reason. I know ‘there’s always room for dessert’, but if there’s room for dessert, there’s room for more chicken.

Or pie.

Or more chicken.

When I was younger (and 10kg heavier), I would ALWAYS order a chicken burger and chips. I thought my mum and sister were crazy when they moved on to their salads.

I love chips. Especially in Australia, where they’re called hot chips. Is it possible to make chips sound sexy?

Alas, I changed my ways. Their salads are actually freaking delicious, and they always have a huge selection of them.

We all ordered our own individual pots – Ming and I both went for a medium sized pot, whereas Mum got a large one for Dad and her to share. You can mix and match salads in your pot, so I was greedy and went for 4 different ones so I could try them all.

As he was pouring my salad in, I noticed these beauties. Good thing he’d already got my salad order in motion or else I would have been climbing back for these…

And this…

We’re such huge fans of this place, that we may as well be strutting around Mosman with this baby.

We got everything to takeaway so we could eat it at home. We popped into the supermarket to pick up a few things, and of course, I couldn’t wait. I obviously didn’t just get salad – I needed my chicken, and I clearly needed it now.

SURPRISE! There was stuffing inside my chicken! The happiness I felt! Everything in the world was good!

Ignoring all the disgusted looks I was getting, I literally destroyed my chicken leg. I hadn’t eaten since the plane. Which wasn’t that long ago, but still.

We hopped into the car and my hunger continue to strive, so I opened up my salad box. More chicken – yay!

Ming got food envy and opened up hers too.

It’s safe to say that we had a very enjoyable ride home.

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