Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, London

I absolutely LOVE Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. I go every year. It’s full of rides, incredible food (literally a fat girl’s dream), and just Christmas amazingness. Therefore I’m usually always queuing up for the rides and stuffing my face with every type of food on offer, so I’d never actually been into the Bavarian Village. 
The Bavarian Village was so good. It’s full of stalls of food, a DJ and live music, and lots and LOTS of alcohol. It was like a little Bavarian heaven. 

It was packed full of people, all with the same fantastic idea of drinking throughout the Saturday. Isn’t that the point of the Christmas season?

We had a cheeky table, which meant we got a bunch of these cookies. I’m pretty sure that says Welcome in German (I don’t have a clue). They were pretty rank, but they had a string around them which meant we thought it was a great idea to tie around our necks the whole time.

We also got these hats. I was very excited.

As was everyone else.

All the guys had these massive beers. You have no idea how jealous I was, as they came in a massive jug and looked fucking cool. I wish I was a beer girl! Unfortunately, I just stuck to cider (about as manly as I can go), which came in a boring old plastic cup. At least it had this hot chick on the front.

Becs had a mulled cider though, and I instantly knew I needed one.

Surprise surprise, it was what I got next. It wasn’t nearly big enough, but it was SO delicious. It made the mulled cider we made a week earlier (that we thought was really good at the time) taste like absolute crap.

Here are the massive beer jugs I was talking about. You actually had to pay a deposit for them so people wouldn’t run off with them.

We pushed two tables together, and had lots and lots of drinks. A casual 4pm Saturday.

They had heaps of food stands at the front, but by our table was a bratwurst stand.

A great combo.

My camera was passed around amongst everyone, and after looking at all the pictures the next day, I’m pretty sure each person spent a good 10 minutes with it snapping away. Especially from some great selfies I discovered. The rest of these pictures are from the rest of the evening with everyone getting increasingly drunk and increasingly broke from the drink prices…

They had a DJ for most of the time, some live music, and they had a guy called Joseph perform. Joseph was an elder foreign man who rapped Gangnam Style. My new favourite person ever.

We left to queue for a ride which took 45 minutes (don’t go on the weekend if you want to do a lot of things), where I was very impressed with myself not throwing up after being that intoxicated! The annoying thing was that Winter Wonderland closes at 10pm, so once it closed, it was impossible to get food as we attempted to scavenge from stall to stall. The night therefore ended with a takeaway 1 meter long pizza from Made In Italy eaten in bed, inhaled in around 7 minutes. Whoops.

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