A Bridges Christmas

I know, I know. It’s 2014 and Christmas couldn’t be further away. But as you know, I’m a little late with the posts, so at least you all get to relive the magic wonders of Christmas! Hooray!
After bolting out of our beds at 6am (okay, Ming bolted, I had to get her to drag me out half-asleep) to get to our stockings, as we do every year, we ran upstairs to Grandmas bed to wake her up, pass her her stocking and unwrap it all together. We may as well be 5 years old. After all the excitements over, we had an hours nap before Mum and Dad decide to wake up and we all did the rest of our presents to the sweet sound of Michael BublĂ©. This year for Christmas lunch, we hopped into the car and headed up to my uncle, aunt and cousin’s farm. YAY for farm Christmas!

I haven’t seen these two in around a year, so it was so nice to be reunited together.

As Wilber patiently watched, we all were spoilt with even more presents for each other. As much as I love presents (and even more, love watching other people open my presents), I was starving. I’d been waiting all year for this baby.

I was ready to destroy a Christmas dinner (actually, late lunch). People had got to work to help contribute to my Aunt Jackie’s efforts.

I was on stuffing duty with Stuart.

Of course, half the reason people offer to help is to sneak some food early into their mouths.

Guilty as charged.

The table was laid out gorgeously.

And what made it even more beautiful…

Some cheeky Mrs. Bridges cranberry sauce! How appropriate.

We had all bagged our seats, and we were ready. You can see the longing to eat in all our eyes as we pretend to smile. I was basically turning anorexic from all this waiting.


And suddenly, it was time.

Everyone lunged for their favourites to get their best bits first. I went straight for the turkey so I’d get a nice leg or something, can’t stand dry turkey! Every man for themselves.

I felt extra festive and tried a little bread sauce. Conclusion – I don’t like bread sauce.

Christmas dinner is the one meal where you can eat whatever you like and literally feel no guilt. Zero. It’s unfestive and plain rude if you don’t indulge and overeat until you feel like a stuffed sausage.

We all dug in. Especially me, as you can see.

We were so hungry that we forgot all about our Christmas crackers until pretty far into our meal.

The paper crowns are mandatory in the Bridges household. Also, reading out your jokes is a must. What was exciting this year was that we didn’t get those random shit gifts that you get so excited about when you open them but you never actually keep. We got little wind-up penguins, which we were EVEN MORE EXCITED ABOUT.

These provided a lot of entertainment. Probably a lot more than they should for people our age.

You’d think we’d have waited a bit after we stuffed our faces to have dessert. Not up in here!

Natasha had made her famous ice-cream cake, which was vanilla ice-cream with A LOT of delicious shit mixed in (think Crunchie bars, Oreos, etc). The excitement was unreal. Oh the magic of Christmas!

Some extra crushed up Crunchie bars on top…

And some butterscotch sauce to top it off. Hot butterscotch sauce.

Holy mother of all that is good and pure.

What a beauty it was.

We also had brandy butter and a homemade brandy vanilla sauce ready to go with the Christmas pudding, dessert numbre duo.

Jackie set it on fire (always the best part) and presented it in a blaze of glory.

I usually absolutely hate Christmas pudding, until I tried one from a company called Coles at work, and it was incredible. I didn’t know if it was just that brand or if I’d suddenly been converted into a Christmas pudding lover, so I was pretty eager to have a taste of this one and see.

Unfortunately, my fork didn’t even reach anywhere near it before it had been proclaimed disgusting by everyone else. I guess that’s what happens when you buy a Christmas pudding from a fate!

It’s okay everyone, we had this bad boy to fall back on. I was a little bit disappointed about the Christmas pudding fail – It just meant there would be less of the ice cream cake for me.

Goodbye detox, hello butterscotch!

As full as I was, I don’t think I can ever describe the happiness this brought. Oh Christmas, I love you so much.

These two felt the same.

This one felt a little too happy..

The Bridges don’t waste food! This was the meat left over… I guess we know what everyone will be eating for DAYS!

To distract ourselves from the pain that our bloated stomachs were feeling pressed against our clothes, we played our family’s favourite game, Perudo. The rules are a little confusing at first, but once you learn it and get into it, IT’S THE BEST GAME EVER.

Okay, our tummies didn’t get that long to settle before this was brought out.

Accompanied by these..

Well, it is Christmas. How can you not finish it off with cheese?

It’s important to try every single bit of cheese so you know which one is the best. Even though you already know which one is your favourite before you even take your first bite. It’s also important to accompany it with port.

So here’s a late Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope everyone else’s Christmas was full of present, love, booze and food. Lots of food.

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