Breakfast at Awaba Cafe, Sydney

I’d like to say that Ming and I rose bright and early, full of energy to go on our family morning walk. In reality, it was Dad banging on our door for us to wake up whilst we we crying for more sleep. Not wanting to let Papa Bridges down (not like we had any choice anyway), I dragged myself out of bed, into a sports bra and out of the door. 
I’d also like to pretend that the healthy lifestyle, the sunshine and some fairly average family chat (sorry mum) was what I was looking forward to. I did actually love them all (especially my attempts to tan in the sunshine), but the only reason I really didn’t want to miss out on the walk was because I know our walk finishes at Balmoral Beach. And I know what waits for me there is breakfast. Not just any breakfast – Australian breakfast. I’m not sure if it’s the sunshine or the actual food, but everything just tastes so freaking good here. Apart from The Boat House, Awaba Cafe is another little place along Balmoral Beach where we have breakfast. 

It makes full use of the gorgeous Australian sunshine with their open doors.

They do lunch, dinner and some delicious-sounding desserts as well, but I prefer breakfast here when it’s so bright and pretty.

We were sweaty, make-upless and starving. The tan isn’t going well, as you can see.

Also, excuse the average quality pictures. I was so tired that I didn’t think to bring my camera before I left (and probably would be too lazy to carry it anyway).

Mum has this new thing where she force-feeds us hot water with either lemon or lime when we first wake-up, so that’s what I’ve been doing every morning and it’s kind of become a little bit of a habit. It apparently kick-starts your metabolism, which can only be a good thing. Think I’m going to start doing this before work.

Papa Bridges and I also got some fresh orange juice.

I became a little bit of a creepy stalker again and perved on these delicious pancakes that the couple outside ordered. We starred at them like pancake perverts the entire time they were eating, and I watched in horror (and a little fury) when they left half the pancakes. HALF? WHO DOESN’T FINISH PANCAKES? Dicks. I had to fight my urge to leap over and finish them off myself.

After quizzing the waitress for a good 10 minutes on whether it was tomatoes on toast topped with avocado or avocado on toast topped with tomato, Dad went for what he was always going to order anyway. He had his fingers crossed whilst it arrived and it was the latter. He was a happy boy. I was happy that I didn’t have to listen to him sulk if it wasn’t.

Ming was a good little girl and got fresh fruit, which was so nice after a walk, especially since it was boiling outside.

Mama Bridges also had her favourite, smoked salmon with scrambled eggs. Check out how cute that smoked salmon flower is! I feel like the cuteness of it makes up for the fact that there was fuck all salmon there.

She also asked for some jam and marmalade for her toast. Cuteypie.

After debating over what to get for about 20 minutes as I always do, I made a rash decision for the muesli with yoghurt and banana. It was actually pretty delicious – yay! I remember the days where I would have rather cut off my hand than order fruit or muesli for breakfast. How far I’ve come.

God I’m going to miss breakfast in Australia.

Breakfast was followed with a couple of coffees in super cute cups.

Ming and I both got green teas, and got probably a little too excited that they used T2, which is our favourite tea company in Australia. We’d gone to the T2 store a couple of days before and I hauled back a few boxes to take back to the UK with me.

 I went to Sydney with 1 suitcase and arrived back to the UK with 2. I’m not going to lie to you, 1 suitcase was full to the brim with food and wine. AUSTRALIA WHY ARE YOU SO DELICIOUS?

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