Breakfast at Bloom, Sydney

Detoxing was at it’s highest this sunny morning at Bloom. Ming and I were googling healthy places nearby and stumbled upon this gem. We walked past one morning when it was closed, looked at the menu and cried inside at how deliciously healthy everything looked. The next day, we hauled the Bridges clan with us and fought through the small crowd for a table. As if it was destiny, a large group just got up and left, so we slyly snuck our way to their seats. God had clearly wanted us to eat at Bloom, and he wanted us to have the perfect table by the window as we did it.

On the wall, they had heaps of smoothies, super smoothies, green power smoothies, juices, additives and other drinks to choose from. It was like my family’s dream.

Now the only problem, what to order…

Besides drinks, they had deliciously healthy baked goods and takeaway items.

Om nom nom nom nom

I had to remind myself that I hadn’t even looked at the menu yet. Also, look how cute these wooden spoons with table numbers are!

By the counter, they have a tap for filtered water so you can fill your big bottle of water for the table yourself.

This is what excited Ming the most – they have cholophyll on tap! For free! (Fuck knows what it is or what it does. I assume it’s very healthy. I need to google this).

Well, it looks like this! Green = healthy!

Okay, time to get down to the menu. It was full of all things healthy and good in the world. Like a dream.

As I was slowly eliminating things off the menu, our juices arrived. I ordered the Detox (apple, organic spirulina, lemon, parsley and ginger), whilst Ming created her own juice.

Hello, health!

Mum and Grandma both ordered the Immune Booster (carrot, orange and a hint of ginger).

Dad went for the Crazy Ape (banana, cold soy, espresso shot and cinnamon).

It was the morning, so we hadn’t eaten all day and were starving. Minutes felt like hours and I was basically wasting away. Bianca needs to be fed. I was jealous staring at other tables’ food arriving and was getting food envy everywhere.

Standard Papa B got his favourite. Here, it’s called The Balmoral – Soft poached organic eggs on roasted tomato, avocado and toasted organic wholemeal sourdough with persian feta. It was drizzled with a lemon infused parsley and mint salsa verde.

Mama Bridges’ hawk eyes grasped onto the words ‘Brown Rice Vegetarian Nasi Goreng’ (a classic Indonesian dish). She was a very happy girl.

Ming Ming went for a lunch option too and got the Waldorf Superfoods Salad, a healthy version of the classic Waldorf Salad.

I was a hungry girl as always, and got the Super Start Brekkie (why get lunch when you can get breakfast?). I got the veggie version, which had avocado in place of bacon. Check out how healthy the baked beans were!

I gave Grandma my toast and ordered some butter and jam for her too – her favourite. I know this chick too well.

Okay, okay, my days of ordering 2 meals are long gone. Kind of. I couldn’t resist ordering these Almond and Banana Pancakes, so I did some inception shit and convinced everyone that it would be a fantastic idea to get them to share. They’re made of besan and buckwheat flour, combined with millet, almond meal, grated pear and banana, topped with raw mixed berry coulis, maple yogurt and fresh blueberries.

Without the yogurt and berry coulis it would have been very bland. I enjoyed them, as did Dad, but Grandma thought they were like sawdust. I guess you can’t expect them to taste like normal pancakes!
I ate and I ate until I felt like a stuffed sausage roll. But everything’s healthy so I can eat as much as I want, yes? Yes? Good.

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