Breakfast at The Boat House, Sydney

Balmoral beach is my favourite place in the world. When we were little, we’d run up to the end of the boardwalk, jump off and swim back to shore. I’d get a Golden Gaytime (my favourite Aussie ice-cream bar) and we’d eat it on the beach whilst Mum would vigorously rub layers of suncream on us.
Dad, Ming and I had woken up early and went for an hour and a half walk, which started at home and ended up at Balmoral. 

The last time I was here (which was about a year ago), they had a little, pretty average café where we’d get whatever sandwiches were on offer (usually a bacon and egg roll for me). Now, there was The Boat House, which is BEAUTIFUL. Goodbye, shit old café!

Being in sunny Australia, it wasn’t the typical day-before-Christmas breakfast, but I was loving the sunshine so much that I didn’t miss a cold Christmas one bit.

Now let’s get back to how pretty this place is…

Not only is it pretty, but it’s bloody healthy too. Bingo!

Okay, maybe not all healthy..

But still pretty as hell

I couldn’t help but stare and drool at the dishes that we ready to be served to people’s tables. The chefs were so lovely and pointed out what was what in case I had trouble figuring out what I wanted. The Raw Muesli looked so good…

So did the Fruit Toast with Ricotta and Seasonal Fruit Compote

Now here’s a few of the freshly baked pastries they had on offer, which I was drooling over.

I hustled over to find Dad and leave Ming to order for us. It was so rammed that we couldn’t get a table outside by the beach, so at first we sat here.

It’s still more or less outside, just in the covered area. You can still see outside and admire the beach. Just, well, not as up close.

However, the second we eagle-eyed people who left, we pounced at the free table and got a beautiful bench table by the beach.

The only problem with this is that there are seagulls. And when you’re eating, birds are annoying as fuck.

Still, I’d rather be in the sunshine.

Ming and I both ordered coconuts – electrolytes come at me!

Once we’d finished, Ming got hers cut open so she could eat the coconut flesh. For some reason I really don’t rate coconut flesh, only the water.

Dad got a freshly squeezed orange juice, which was delicious.

My tummy was rumbling after having not eaten for, like, over a hour, so I was ecstatic when our food finally came.

Ming got the Raw Muesli with fresh fruit, coconut, yoghurt and almond milk. I got this the next time that I went – it’s so, so good, and absolutely perfect for such a hot day since it cools you down.

Dad ordered the Smoked Salmon with poached eggs and quinoa potato bake with beetroot and watercress. Dad usually goes for the avocado and toast option, but I know it was his favourite, beetroot, that tipped the scale for him.

If you have a close look at the salmon, you can see how thickly cut it is, like sashimi. It was so yummy (I obviously had to try some, you know, to review…)

I would have got the Fruit Salad or Raw Muesli or something light, but i was HUNGRY, so I needed to get the Avocado and Tomato on charred toast with goat’s curd and basil. I’m so over this whole ‘no carbs’ thing (I decide this during the time I need to get into a bikini, clever me as always). This is as healthy as hell, and that’s all that matters.

Post-brekkie, Ming got herself a green tea, where you pour in the loose leaves yourself.

Papa B got himself an americano, with a sweet little milk bottle.

I didn’t get any coffee since I was loving not being sat behind my desk and vowed not to have coffee until I was shivering and falling asleep back at work. I had coffee later that night because of jetlag. Drats.

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