Breakfast at Kudus House, Ubud

Every morning in Bali, we’d wake up super early and go for walk in the jungle. The first time, we went on the  arranged group walk, where the guide would stop and explain interesting things along the way. However, it slowed us down a little and we felt we had to be all sensible in a big group, so that lasted that one day. Walking here was so beautiful – so much nicer than on a boring treadmill. It made us get jump out of bed in the morning to make the most of it.

It was only about a half an hour walk, but it had enough steps to build up a huge appetite. And make us sweat. A lot.

We stopped for a break at the spring pools, which we passed on the way back up to the top of our resort.

I mentioned just how incredibly lovely the staff were at this resort. One of the guys saw us basically dropping dead with our faces being weighed down in sweat and our own tears, so rushed over with some cold towels for us.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been so happy.

We climbed back up with my stomach leading the way. This wasn’t even 1/50th of the amount of steps there were. My thighs were aching by the end of this trip. It was all good pain. SWEAT IS YOUR FAT CRYING.

Finally, we made it back to some sort of civilisation and crawled into Kudus House in our resort, which is where breakfast is. Because we had such a big group of us, in both restaurants they had laid a table permanently for 12 people throughout the time we were there for us. It was so nice – like we were at a big dinner party for every meal.

Ming and I started the day with wheatgrass shots. You could either get it with mint or ginger.

It’s as bad as tequila. But a million times better for you (obviously). I need to start taking these kind of shots…

Everyone else started their day with one of their delicious fresh juices, which was the same menu as Glow.

Mum and Dad put their faith in the staff and chose whatever juice was the speciality that day. I think they were just too lazy to decide for themselves.

The fruit was deliciously fresh, so we’d order a big platter every morning with our brekkie.

I spotted the most incredible dish on the menu that I had to order it. Only after I read it and ordered it, I realised it was raw and vegan. It was raw banana and young coconut crepes with pear date and walnut filling, topped with cinnamon and maple cream. How freaking delicious does that sound?! Just look at it!

Not only did it look gorgeous and taste incredible, but it was all so healthy. My mind was blown.

Dad got the healthy version of his favourite avocado on toast – “real toast” with nuts & seeds, avocado, tomato, rocket & lemon dressing.

Ming Ming got the scrambled tofu with peppers & sweet corn, avocado, tomato and coriander salad.

Mama B got a Balinese savoury red rice porridge with poached chicken, bean sprouts & egg crepe.

Grandma got her toast. It’s probably the healthiest toast on earth.

And just as everything else was the healthiest version of that dish possible, the same went for these fucking delicious waffles. They were whole-wheat waffles with banana, strawberry, lavender & walnut. It was definitely the most-ordered dish every day.

They also had lovely egg dishes, like the frittata or a choice to get two free-range eggs cooked in any style.

Mama Bridges was blown away with how the brown sugar wasn’t really granulated but instead extremely soft. So blown away that she made me take about a thousand pictures of it, so here it is.

The day after, I discovered that they did the most amazing muffins. Ming raved about how the banana and date muffins were incredible, but they had different ones the first time I got them, which were absolutely incredible. On the last day we were there, they had banana and walnut and I ate TOO many of them. Without any regrets. Healthy healthy healthy.

After breakfast, we had a family class of yoga organised. Check out how active we were being! We waited downstairs and played a while whilst the other yoga class was finishing up. Tracy decided it would be a perfect time to take a photoshoot of her precocious, treasured son.

We decided to do the same.

Grandma was still feeling under the weather so decided to opt out of yoga. Instead, she just sat back and relaxed in one of the most beautiful places ever. Not bad.

The rest of us decided to prepare ourselves for yoga.

Hamish had this obsession of handstands since he only recently learned how to do them, so he’d whip them out whenever he could. Show off.

Obviously I got jealous and attempted to do my own. With the help of the professional.

It didn’t work out so well.

However, I was determined, and after many failures I managed to finally get up. It’s a little embarrassing how hard I found it since Hamish was holding me up. I need to practise this shit.


Hamish obviously had to top me with a handstand. Wanker.

After making too much noise playing and disturbing the yoga class above, we took a very sensible and cute group shot before it was time to get down and yoga.

We were obviously all very experienced yogis.

Just kidding, obviously we were all crap (apart from Ming and Mum). Actually, I wasn’t too bad. Check out me rocking the child’s pose. That’s right.

The best part of being together is as zen as yoga is supposed to be, none of us can take each other seriously and I spent the most part of it laughing at everyone, and everyone spent it laughing at me. God, I love family time.

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