Como Shambhala Estate Juice Course, Ubud

At Como Shambhala Estate, where we were staying, they had a whole schedule of activities during the week to get involved in. As much as I love lying by the pool and tanning, I’ve never been one of those people who could just sit and do that for an entire holiday. I have far too much energy and love getting shit done. That’s why when I read that there was a juice course, Natasha and I leaped at the chance to learn how to make them. You read how delicious they were in the other posts, so who wouldn’t want to go? We bumped into our mums on the way to the same course, which made it double the fun.
We were greeted with a little pack which contained the recipes for the two juices we’d be learning to make.

We were too excited to get our health goddesses on.

Our lovely chef laid out all the ingredients for each juice, showing us exactly what we needed.

She went through each individual ingredient for each recipe to tell us what was in it and why. The health benefits from these juices were no coincidence – every single ingredient was in there for a reason, ultimately making it fucking good for you.

The first juice was the Liver & Gall Bladder Flush. The health benefits were just as intense as the name. You needed:

4 Oranges
2 Limes
1 Ginger – Thumb size
1 Turmeric – Thumb size
1/4 Tsp Cayenne Pepper
1 Tbsp Flax Seed Oil

It’s perfect for you to drink if you have menstration, stomach problems, liver problems or asthma as it makes your body warm.

I was such a good student and took a lot of notes.

Wash all the ingredients before you prepare it. You have to slice the ginger and turmeric into really small pieces or it’ll be too hard. The turmeric is good for your blood and menstration – she recommended us to drink ground turmeric, honey and water when menstrating. This woman was like a wise knowledgable owl of the red rivers. Ginger was put into the juice because it reduces inflammation of the body.

Juice the oranges and limes. 4 oranges should equal to 250ml of juice. If you don’t have a citrus press, I’m afraid you’re going to have to do it manually! Maybe I’ll do it on arm day – at least it’ll give me a good work out.

We made a couple of little friends as we learnt.

Trying not to get too distracted as I do in class, I made sure  I paid attention so I could be a juice god by the time I was done with this. People will be complaining to me about period pains and I’ll be all “aint no thang” and whip up this bad boy.

Add everything together in your blender.

Blend away until the ginger and turmeric are smooth.

Get a sieve and sieve out your juice so you don’t get all the bits and bobs in it.


It’s really strong and it feels like there’s a fire in your throat when you drink it. Whilst you ladies are menstrating, have two shots worth twice a week.

Juice number 2 was the culture shock, which I was bloody excited to make since that was everyone’s favourite juice here and I knew exactly how good it was.

Again, she talked us through each ingredient one by one. For this one you’ll need:
150g Strawberries
150g Bananas
2 Tbsps Passion Fruit Pulp
2 Pieces Longan
1 Orange
4 Tbsps Yoghurt

Firstly, cut around the seed of the longan, and cut small pieces so it’s easy to blend. For those who don’t know what longan is or don’t have access to any, you’re also able to use rambutan or lychee. We used rambutan today because it’s in season here, even though it’s not as sweet as longan or lychee.

She also taught us about the 2 different kinds of passionfruit. There’s a sweet one, which is black, or a sour one, which is yellow. Use the sour one in this case. If you can’t find a passionfruit use a store-bought puree. You can actually dry out the seeds and plant them to get more passionfruit. 

Sieve the passionfruit as well.

Now add in all the other ingredients… 

The strawberries are full of Vitamin C that are good for your diet, your brain and reduce body inflammation. The bananas are fantastic for you if you’re pregnant as they’re good for the baby. I kind of realised this post is mainly aimed to those who have a vagina, but there are clearly plenty of health benefits for boys too! You can mush up bananas and put them on burns to help heal them, and you can use it as a face mask since it’s so good for your skin. Boys, don’t pretend that you don’t love a good face mask. No one’s judging.

Blend away!

Pour it up, pour it up.

It was just as delicious as it was when Bella had it earlier for lunch. And now I can make it every day. And so can you! Hooray!

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