Dinner at Brussels Sprouts, Singapore

Home sweet home!
Stopping over in Singapore for a couple of nights before we hit up bali (woohoooo!), we let our gorgeous guests (the other two sides of the Bridges family) pick where they’d like to go. Someone chirped up with Brussels Sprouts, a lovely Belgian restaurant. It’s pretty relaxed and open, and a very chilled, casual place to go.

I loved how their Christmas decorations and tree was hanging from the ceiling.

We all had flown back from Australia that morning, and Hamish and Tracy flew in from London a few hours later. I think it was the first time we were all together for around 3 years. It made me very happy.

After all that travelling, we were starving. Being Belgian, this restaurant is known for their beer and muscles. Mmmmm.

That’s why the Moules Frites is the most popular choice. They have a huge choice of serving styles under the headings clear, cream, Asian and gratinated. Plus there’s a free refill of fries…. It’s pretty much the perfect choice for mussel lovers!

I was trying to be super healthy and all the serving styles had butter in it, so I searched on for something else to eat.

The booze detox continued and I held back as everyone had their red.

And their beer. Lots of beer.

The big kids (adults) on the table went ahead and ordered some goodies for the table.

There were a few plates of Salade De Crabe – King crab salad on toast.

We had to get our official taste tester’s approval. He enjoyed it very much.

The second one the Rollmops Sur Toast – Marinated herrings with green apple salad and roasted beetroot on toast.

He also approved of this – they were both too yummy.

As much as I love chicken, I had to avoid the Ailes De Poulet (Belgian-style marinated chicken wings) as they were fried and didn’t fit in with my detox plans. Not this time, chicken, not this time.

It was very much enjoyed by others, though. The bowl was more or less licked clean.

Our mains came and of course, there were a couple of orders of the moules frites. It’s what they do best so you know you can’t go wrong.

You may as well make the most of that refill!

We weren’t all as boring as when we went to The Sailors Club though, there were other orders made. Like this Vis En Frites (the Belgian version of fish and chips).

And Ming’s super healthy Salad Estivale, which she got with tiger prawns. When Ming first ordered this I was like oh please, salad for dinner… Afterwards I wish I had ordered the same thing. You’ll see what I mean.

Everyone else had gotten the steak, which looked so good.

Damn you Bella.

And Natasha.


The healthy little princess inside me ordered Cabillaud Roti – roasted cod fillet with tomato braised muscles and duvel beer sabayon. At first I was going to get it without the layer of beer sauce on top, but then I was all ‘when in rome’ (or when in a Belgian restaurant), you gotta do what you gotta do.

This was 100% not the right choice for wanting to be healthy. It was absolutely drenched in butter (even inside the fish itself). The entire bowl of veggies that I got to go with it were bathed in butter as well. Ugh. It would have been so good without it, but it was so awful with that much butter. I mean I know a lot of restaurants put butter on food to make it extra delicious, but it was so soaked that it made me feel so incredibly sick. ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS BE HEALTHY. I may as well have ordered the damn muscles. It may have just been that style of cooking there, but it wasn’t for me.

I needed to get a green tea to try and make myself feel better afterwards and detox how ill I felt.

And no, the “Save the Rainforests” biscuit did not make up for it. Okay, I guess it was kind of cute. But I still didn’t eat it. Nothing will ruin this Bali bikini body… Then it’s carb city afterwards! Yippeeeee!

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