Dinner at Gowings, Sydney

Ming, Mum and Dad were raving about this place, Gowrings, that they had dinner at the last time they came down to Sydney a couple of months ago. Without me. Whilst I was working away, at my desk, probably crying over the fucking recipe matrix not working. Thanks guys.
Oh well, I just pretended they were my little guinea pigs trying out the restaurant for me to make sure it was delicious before I went! And apparently, that it was. We donned on our Boxing Day purchases, which was rewarding since we had to aggressively bust through THOUSANDS of people throughout the afternoon (I swore I’d never go for this reason, but my love for Australian brands couldn’t keep me away).

We drove into town and followed these bright lights to our destination.

It’s actually sat in QT Sydney, which is an amazing, quirky hotel. We were greeted by a lovely ranga and juggler. I liked this place already.

The lobby was filled showcasing these beautiful extravagant costumes.

The lift was very Great Gatsby as well. I was kind of impressed that my parents found this place. Well done to the power couple!

Shit, okay, this place kept getting cooler. The lift doors opened and, I don’t even know what it was about it, but I loved it all. If I had decorated this place, it would have looked like absolute shit and everything would just look so weird and random next to each other. But somehow they made this work.

I think a couple of us got a little too excited..

After I’d finished running around like a 6 year old with my camera, I was ready to get down and dirty with the good stuff.

And make some new friends.

The restaurant and bar area was buzzing full of people. It had such a great atmosphere. Definitely a place you could come and get draaank in a classy ass way.

I spotted this as I walked in, and already knew what I would be ordering.

We finally found our big ass table. I love big family dinners!

We were first there, so we got nice and cosy with our selected seats.

Even the ceiling was sick.

And don’t me started on the hectic menu. I swooned over everything about this place.

I especially liked how they placed the menus on the seats for the family members that we were waiting to arrive.

When detoxing, a rookie error is always looking at desserts and cocktails. This is something that I obviously know, but the temptations overcomes me every time. Like now.

No. Way. Instantly I spotted a billion drinks that I would have glugged down on an ordinary day. Barrel Aged Jack Sparrowm Killer White Lady, Vanilla Passion Fruit Pisco Sour… Then the heavens opened up and shone a light down on the Perfect Bubbles. It looked like an ordinary cocktail. Tanqueray Gin, Dolin Chamberyzette Strawberry Apertif, Rhubarb Shrub, Sparkling Wine, you know, whatevs. Then I read it – topped with a Chocolate Covered Strawberry. Oh, hello! I tried so hard to manipulate someone to order it just so I could see it in all it’s glory, but alas, I was greeted with failure. Just had to watch all the other smug bastards drink their red wine. Hmph.

And eat the bread. I didn’t want any anyway…

The great thing about so many people at dinner is that I get to take pictures of a lot of goodies! Yay! Like this De’Medici Rural Italian Onion Soup – ‘Soup of the Moment’.

Hot Spanner Crab Cakes

The lovely ‘The Stilton Meets The Waldorf’ Salad.

Steak Tartare Pasture Fed Ox/Beef – look at those delicious Pickled Black Shimeji Mushrooms! It also came with a bowl of chips that you can see looming in the background.

Those were all the starters on the table – the rest of us were saving our tummies to get down to the good stuff. Bella went a little out-of-the-ordinary for her and didn’t go for a burger! Instead, she got the Minute Steak Ribeye. Stretching out of your comfort zone there, Bells.

Uncle Roger got a big, juicy steak too.

Jackie went for these gorgeous Hand Dived Wild Scallops.

Ming’s meal was so bloody beautiful that I had to get two shots of it – Fennel & Pepper Crusted Yellow-Fin Tuna Steak.

Oh babbbyyyyy.

Thick Free Range Berkshire Pork Chop, topped with a Rosemary & Mustard Sauce.

Natasha ordered her favourite here, which is what Ming also got last time and both of them said it was amazing – Hand Picked Spanner Crab Salad

Mama Bridges went big with a Seafood Pie

And little detoxing me ordered the Line Caught SA Snapper. I initially wanted the Whole Line Caught Rock Flathead, but it came with the bone, and I didn’t have it in me to spend the evening picking out bones from my mouth. When it first was place in front of me, I was kind of like… Is that it? But it turned out to be pretty thick and very filling (especially since I had a side of steamed veg and mushrooms to go with it).

But the meal I was most jealous about was Stuart’s Rib Eye for 2, Bone in Angus Hereford, Cape Grim TAS, 600g. It’s for 2 people, but that was no concern for him.

I needed to zoom in on this bad boy. Oh my goodness. I wanted to sink my teeth into this pile of juicy goodness. No, no, no. I like fish. I like fish. I like fish.

As I said, we had a few sides to occupy us, such as steamed veg, salad, chips, mushroom, etc.

Yep, 2 big bowls of chips. I made sure they sat at the other end of the table.

As we inhaled our food (as always), we chatted away and caught up all together. The only cousin we were missing in our little gang was Hamish, who was spending Christmas back in the UK. It was nice to have an (almost) reunion!

Okay, and there was a lot of staring at this…

It’s okay, I stuffed myself silly with a huge amount of veg until I was no longer hungry and no longer craved any steak (and trust me, that takes a lot of food). But no amount of veg prepared me for staring at these…

The Gowings Classic Profiteroles – Filled with Crème Pâtissière & Vanilla Ice-Cream, drowned with Valrhona dark chocolate sauce.

And the Hot Beignets – French market doughnuts, heavily dusted in icing sugar.

There were 4 of these, and these belonged to Stuart. Clearly a 2 person steak was not enough for this champion.

I don’t need you sugar. I DON’T NEED ANYTHING. I had my green tea and sulked.

I still loved this place though. Definitely coming back to destroy a freaking juicy steak and dessert, topped off with a chocolate covered strawberry with a sugary cocktail beneath it.

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