Lunch at Alchemy, Ubud

I’ll admit, it was difficult leaving the food in the resort. I’d been sucked into a whirlpool of delicious, raw meals (there’s something I never thought I’d say) and I never wanted to escape. However, Ming raved on about Alchemy, which was a raw vegan cafe, so I guess it fitted in with my week’s eating plans. She’d shown me some pictures online before, so I was bopping up and down with excitement the whole way there.

As soon as I walked through the door, I was dazed with the amount of healthy, amazing products they had for sale. I was filling up my arms with goodies as I browsed through the shelves.

If I was hanging around Ubud for longer (and not in a gorgeous resort where they have all the food for me there), then I would have definitely been suckered into all this fresh produce.

They even have a holistic clinic here. I’m 100% coming back the next time I hit up Ubud.

Okay, maybe I lied a little in the title. We didn’t go for lunch since we were eating elsewhere – we came for a drink. And no, not a cheeky Old Cuban, for a healthy juice, smoothie or shake. They had so many to choose from; I stood there for about 15 minutes trying to decide what I wanted.

And that’s not even with the menu in mind. How adorable is this menu!? If I had a cafe, I’d definitely do something like this. Okay, maybe I’d get someone else to draw it for me, since I got banned from drawing and painting in my art GCSE.

How tempted would you be to get a monster-sized juice?

And check out this wheatgrass…

Just because we weren’t having lunch here, that’s not to say I wasn’t drooling over the salad bar.

I may or may not have done a little stalker-cam shot of someones salad when they went off to the toilet. I’m not even sorry. How GOOD does it look? It looks insane!

They had a bloody massive selection of raw/vegan chocolates, cakes and desserts as well. I was drooling.

Apparently their most popular were the Chewy Bars, the Cacao Pow and the Almond Goji Energy Bar.

I knew what I wanted though… these peanut butter cups.

And maybe some of these..

We got a few to take for the journey. We took a little bite and passed them around. Some of them were only okay since I’m not that used to raw/vegan treats, but some were absolutely delicious. Especially the most popular ones they recommended. And the peanut butter. Nomnomnom.

We resisted the cakes though. Next time.

As I ran around like a kid in a raw vegan candy store, everyone had found a nice big table outside. Check out that cheeky instagram sign. This is a place after my own heart.

They even had little swings, which I would have ran and played on if there wasn’t kids that hopped on a second after I took this picture. I couldn’t exactly push them off with my parents here watching either. Drats. (I’m kidding obviously, not like I would do that. Kind of.)

Soon the drinks had arrived. I was as excited as if it was a round of cocktails. What’s happening to me? The straws were so cool, they were actually papaya stalks.

Mum and Natasha both had a big coconut.

I would definately go for the juices/smoothies/shakes over the coconuts here. You can get coconuts anywhere.

Bella got the Aloha Cooler – Pineapple, mint and cucumber. I feel like any green juice tastes 100x better with pineapple in it.

Dad got the Juicy Fruit, which was a mix of pineapple, carrot, ginger and lime.

Ming went for the Coco Jade – coconut juice, all greens and lime.

And a cheeky wheatgrass shot.

Stuart ordered the Adam’s Apple, which was pure apple juice.

Hamish and I both couldn’t resist the PB&J. It was cashew milk, peanuts and strawberries. Oh my god.

It tasted so delicious that I felt it had to be bad for me. But it wasn’t. But it was amazing. My mind was so confused!

Definitely making this at home. But how much do you bet that my version will somehow taste like shit.

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