Lunch At Brockley Market, London

Back to London with a bang! 
I don’t use Twitter all that much, but when I do, it’s mostly to check out street food traders and where they’re going to be. Doing this while I was away meant that I built a huge list of markets and places I needed to go when I was back, so a couple of days after I touched down in London town, it was Saturday. And Saturday meant Brockley Market.

It’s from 10am – 2pm, and full of food. Traders, fresh produce, butchers, it has it all.

Walking past, Kooky Bakes was one of the traders that caught my eye.

Everything was selling out fast, and it was barely midday.

I hadn’t eaten breakfast though, since I made the most of sleeping in and didn’t get out of bed for a while, so I needed savoury. I’m not going to pretend I didn’t know exactly who was at Brockley Market. There were a few traders that I’ve been desperate to try for a while, and they were here. All their trucks were next to each other – my mind was going crazy. The lines were huge and I didn’t know which to hit up first.

The one I’d been dying to try was Hix’s Fish Dog – one of Mark Hix’s (smaller) babies, but I was expecting it to be equally as delicious. Well, it was a fish finger hot dog with minty mushy peas and tartare sauce. How could it not be good?!

However, we decided to split up to cover more ground faster. Damn, we’re tactical. I went to tackle Spit & Roast first. They do the most incredible rotisserie chicken.

The only downside to our master plan was the fact that the line was pretty long, and it was lonely not having someone to chat shit with, making the line feel a lot longer than it was.

But for this baby, it was worth waiting for.

A buttermilk friend chicken bap including coleslaw and Korean hot sauce.

It was the most glorious thing I’ve ever seen considering I hadn’t eaten all day. I knew I should have waited to share, but one bite wouldn’t hurt. I didn’t realise it’d be the best bite of my entire life. 

I really don’t know what I can say about it to express how good it was. The chicken was tender as hell. It was lightly fried (I really don’t like things too battered) so I found it absolutely amazing. The slaw and Korean hot sauce was absolutely incredible and complimented it perfectly. If you think I’m exaggerating, I’m really not. On top of that, the guys were so chatty and lovely as I waited very patiently for what I can quite easily say that it hands-down was the best chicken burger I’ve had in my life.

One bite was then followed by two.

And three.

Shit, I forgot I had to share. He took the bap off me and went to ‘throw something away’, which is code for sneak off with it so I couldn’t attack it anymore and he could have several too-big mouthfuls all to himself. Bastard.

I did share though, since there were more street food we had to get through. Mike + Ollie were running out, but once they’d announced it and the line and died down, I managed to hop my way through and pick up a delicious flatbread.

Their freshly-made flatbreads are stuffed with goodness of different kinds. They did meat, vegetarian and fish. I was in the mood for the mackerel.

I was excited. I regrettably handed over the chicken bap, but at least I had this to look forward to. A warm flatbread with mackerel fillet with sumac and parsley marinated cherry tomatoes.

Damn, I’m so glad I’m over my whole ‘no-carbs’ phase. Look how gorgeous it was.

Whilst I was lining up, my street food partner-in-crime had lined up at Mother Flipper.

Note the sold-out sign. After queuing for ages, they were run out, and he managed to get the last burger. I’ve never been so proud of anybody.

It was the Double Candy Bacon Flipper – bacon fried in maple syrup in American cheese.

I’m absolutely in love with street food traders. They don’t have a big menu, which means what they do, they do it fucking well. They specialise in it and it’s amazing. The beauty shots continue.

Very, very sadly, whilst we were in the line for the others, they had run out of fish dogs. I think I wanted to cry.

They still had doughnuts with hot salted caramel sauce though, which I so nearly went for, but I had been filled up with the other goodies we’d had, so we went to Dark Fluid for some morning (okay, afternoon) coffee.

God I love proper, good coffee. So much better than a Starbucks. Bah.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Brockley Market is in a gorgeous area of London but it’s a couple of trains away from central London. We hopped on the train home with our coffees (thank goodness or I would have definitely fallen asleep and delighted everyone with my snoring) and I felt that we’d been on a little food adventure. I’m still dreaming about that chicken burger now.

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