Lunch at Clear Cafe, Ubud

One of Ming’s closest friends, Jamie-Lee, loves Ubud. When Ming told her that we were coming here, the place she said that was her absolute favourite was Clear Cafe. And when Jamie says we need to check out a restaurant, we need to check it out. 
As soon as we arrived, we saw this super cute gateway. I liked it already.

You had to take off your shoes at the front as well. I liked it even more. Why is Ubud so freaking cool…

The place was beautiful. It wasn’t extravagant and it didn’t try hard, it was just naturally gorgeous.

We got cosy down to our table.

The menu was great – it had everything. Local dishes, international dishes, small plates, healthy meals, splurge meals, vegan raw meals, everything. Obviously I was going to pick a vegan dish. I was on a role. Ubud has made me into a health goddess. For now.

Dad was on a role with his health too, and got the Green Clean juice.

Stuart, on the other hand, got the chocolate town milkshake. I think he’d been waiting all week for his escape from the healthy food at the resort to indulge in some sugar-lovin’.

Ubud-health-goddess Bianca got a green tea.

I also got the Love Lasagne – Creamy ricotta cashew cheese, marinated vegetables, sun-dried tomato marinara and fresh herbs layered between supple zucchini pasta. It was raw and vegan (obviously) and it was between that and a raw pizza, but the waitress recommended the Lasagne. I think it was supposed to be in the shape of a heart.

Papa Bridges went for the Prawn Nasi Goreng. It’s an Indonesian speciality – prawn fried rice, vegetables, fried egg and homemade sambal. Damn it looked good. I’ve missed eggs. I don’t think I could ever go fully vegan and give them up. I say that like I could even give up meat fully… Definitely not.

Ming got the Rabbit Paradise salad.

To go with Stuart’s milkshake, he got nachos. I think he was in heaven.

Hamish nearly got the Pimp Pasta (100% because of the name and he likes to think he’s a playboy) but he couldn’t resist the Chilli Lime Burritos.

I swear Natasha and I are so alike. We’ve been sharing food all holiday, and she did exactly what I usually do – get two small dishes so she gets to try more. A woman after my own heart.

She went for the Summer Rolls (tofu or prawn, red peppers, mango and cucumber wrapped in rice paper with a tamarind dipping sauce) and the Trinity Hummus Plate (homemade black bean, roasted red pepper & zucchini tahini with warm pita bread and raw flax crackers). Food envy hit me bad.

If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll know Bella loves burgers. Obviously the resort didn’t do any, and she’d been without all week.

However, the health bug in Ubud had hit her too. She got a Love Burger – the homemade veggie burger with melted cheddar, grilled onion, tomato, avocado, arugula and sunny island sauce. What’s happened to us.

I think mum’s meal was the most gorgeous. Their heart-shaped food actually worked here for her rice. She got the Nasi Campur – a traditional Indonesian dish served around steamed rice with soup and homemade sambal. She was a happy Asian mama.

I’ve declared I need to come back to Ubud for longer and just discover more incredible places like here. As much as I love London, I wish I could pack a bag and leave. But no, back to London I go!

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