Como Shambhala Estate (& Glow Restaurant), Ubud

To put it in the most frank terms, I went on a family holiday in paradise.
“Paradise?”, you ask, doubtful since you clearly know that my idea of heaven would probably be putting me in a room full of food vendors or being fed at 4am. But no. We were in actual paradise.




We were staying in Como Shambhala Estate in Ubud, Bali. I was literally so blessed to spend a few days in this incredible place surrounded by my family. Reunited in this out-of-this-world place. What a lucky bitch I am!

I can’t list all the amazing things about it, but one of them was the food. They had two restaurants, and my favourite one was called Glow. It’s open for lunch and dinner, so the day we first arrived I was (as always) starving, so we dropped our bags and skipped off to get some food in our tummies. I can’t waste away!

Paradise just continued. Glow was surrounded by the most beautiful green nature. The only thing not so beautiful was the mosquitos (my legs are still covered with bites as I type), but let’s not dwell on that.

My ‘no make-up’ week was starting.


And, without me really noticing, so was my ‘no meat’ week.

You see, aside from their normal menu, they had a raw menu. Everything was vegan and uncooked. At first I was a bit like, meh, but then I read the descriptions and everything looked delicious. I’m not a huge fan of raw food in the UK since the soil there can be funny so it makes me feel sick, whereas in Singapore it’s amazing. I thought I’d give it a go.

This is what we were greeted with instead of bread. I was loving this place already. The olive paste it came with was so good.

Bella, the ultimate burger lover, was just as interested with this raw menu as I was, and went for the pumpkin & macadamia nut pizza with tomato, carrot, sprouts & marinara sauce. I think the pumpkin was replaced with pineapple. She gave me a bit and it was so nice and refreshing! Perfectly light for Bali. I ordered it for dinner the next day.

Stuart got the actual pizza. Even the normal pizza was healthy. EVERYTHING IN THIS PLACE WAS HEALTHY.

Hamish didn’t go for raw either, but I don’t really blame him with how incredible his lunch looked…

Being greedy and undeceive as always, I had no idea what I wanted to get, so Natasha and I split a couple of meals. First up was the ‘Lasagna’ of zucchini, basil & semi-dried tomato with pine nut cheese. It didn’t look like much, but it was so filling, and so so good. Damn, raw food here is good!

We also shared the corn & yellow pepper tacos filled with tomato salsa, guacamole, mock sour cream & spiced “beans”.

I can’t even explain how good this was!

Ming had been to this resort before with Mum, so she knew what was good. The zucchini & carrot fettuccini with sauce al freda is her favourite. There’s no actual pasta in this fettuccini – it’s made with zucchini and carrot. Dayum.

As always, conversation completely stopped when the food arrived. I couldn’t get over how good everything was! Who knew I would enjoy something that wasn’t stuffed with meat or cheese this much?

They had a drinks menu for only juices, and my indecisiveness struck once again. They had a Sweeter Favourites side and a Vegetable Blends side. I knew I had a few days to conquer most of the juices though, so I got a Lymph Purifier, which is a blend of fennel, celery, broccoli, ginger, green apple, kale and lemon. It was actually my favourite of all the Vegetable Bends, since the green apple and lemon made it sweet. I loved how all the juices tell you what it’s good for, and this one supports the detoxing processes of the liver and lymphatic system.

Bella’s was the most amazing juice – The Culture Shock with strawberry, banana, passion fruit, rambutan, orange and plain yoghurt. It was a smoothie to create digestive tract balance and repair skin.

Everyone else got some juice or another (whoops sorry I can”t remember), but they were all so good, and all obviously amazing for you.

Our ‘hot water and lemon’ thing lived on, and we had it nearly every meal. Hello to a full-on detox!

So in Bali, once I had my taste of raw, I wanted more. We were so freaking active here it was unbelievable. We did walks everyday in the gorgeous jungle, went white water rafting, gymming, absolutely everything. We had just finished white water rafting that day, and worked up a damn good appetite.

We were excited to eat.


I had also discovered my new camera has a screen that flips up. Hello, selfies!

Our of pure curiosity, I asked if those bread sticks were gluten-free or wheat-free (since Ming is now one of those, I can’t remember which – damn I’m a good sister paying attention). I think the waitress then thought I was one of them, so she hurried off and got me some gluten-free bread. I felt so bad that I had to eat some! It was pretty dense, but still good. The staff here were the most incredibly lovely people, I can’t even tell you.

Hamish was worn out from all of our activeness so he got a coffee. The coffee here, like everything else, was damn delicious. It even came with 3 different types of biscuits, including a ginger biscuit and one made of nuts and seeds (which I stole).

And, of course, we got our juices. Look how healthy we all are! This was just another of our few days here. I miss how pure and healthy I felt after this trip. I was feeling like gold inside!

I got another veggie juice, but unfortunately none of them were as nice or sweet as the one on my first day. It didn’t mean I stopped getting them though – they’re damn good for you, so I manned the fuck up and downed that shit. Health goddess, haaaay!

Bella couldn’t resist her Culture Shock. I don’t blame her.

Green juice for everyone!

Healthy, healthy, healthy.


And some raw. Natasha and I shared again (you can tell we’re related). The first dish we got was the sprouted quinoa salad with spinach, peppers and red cabbage, topped with tahini tamari dressing with beetroot and apple dressing.


Bella’s declaration to go raw for the entire trip was short-lived, and she got the Chicken Saté.

The second dish Natasha and I shared was the green curry with young coconut, green mango and snow peas with baby corn and sweet basil. How can raw things be so creamy? I literally couldn’t resist getting raw. If the food was this good in the UK, I could probably very easily turn vegan. However, it’s not, and after a couple of weeks I’d probably get the shakes and withdrawal symptoms after a lack of steak.

Hamish eased into the raw. His first step wasn’t exactly raw, but there was no red meat! He got the kingfish with tomato and mushrooms cooked in banana leaf parcels with bali spices, lemon basil and lime leaf. In Bail it’s called ‘Pepes Ikan’.

For dinner he got the raw club sandwich. That’s how good the raw food was! Do I look like Miranda Kerr yet?

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