Yelp Time Travellers' Ball

I’ll be completely honest with you – the only reason I knew about Yelp’s Time Traveller’s Ball is after Big Apple Hot Dogs tweeted about it. I’d never managed to get myself one of their hot dogs, and this seemed like the shining opportunity to do it. After signing up for Yelp to attend the ball, I then actually started getting really excited about it. The ball looked like so much fun and there were SO MANY GOOD FOOD TRADERS THERE.
After counting down the weeks and over-thinking about how dressed up I should be (you could wear anything from any generation, past, present and future, I didn’t want to go full-out Flinstones or Jetsons and look like a dick whilst everyone else dressed normally), the night had arrived. Imagine my excitement when I skipped up to this beauty.

Unfortunately, after sulking for ages when I convinced myself they had sold out even though I’d arrived not too long after it started, I found out that there were some complications and Big Apple Hot Dogs were sadly not allowed to cook there due to various reasons. Damn. I held my head up high, declared I’d catch them another time, and drowned my sorrows in a lot of other treats (you’ll see).

After signing our names in, we entered The London Marriott.

There were lots of free Yelp goodies as we strolled in. I had to remind myself that half of this stuff would end up in my drawer and I would end up chucking out so I shouldn’t take it. Not the arm band though, the arm band I clearly had decided I would make plenty of use of.

It was a buzzing atmosphere, and I had already sniffed out my first target.

The Yummy Yank. Hello, homemade American delights.

It was the first decision of the night and I was already struggling. The fact that all of this was free (I know, I was shocked and overwhelmed too), I could have potentially tried them all. No Bianca. No. You’ll try ONE.

Ugh, fine, but which one? There was the Red Velvet/New York Cheesecake Combo.

Then there was the mountain of Pecan Pie Bars.

But then there were these – The New Yorker. Peanut butter pretzels and smooth peanut butter swirled into a rich brownie, topped  with more peanut butter pretzels and silk caramel.

Problem solved. Peanut butter wins every time.

Also, as you can see, I had borrowed the extra pair of John Lennon glasses and declared myself Yoko Ono for the night.

Next up was Kooky Bakes, which I’d seen previously at Brockley Market but unfortunately didn’t get round to trying.

Once again, I was drooling over their whoopie pies. They even had dosants – a cross between doughnuts and croissants. Again, the flavour panic hit me. Strawberry Lemonade (oh my god) or Red Velvet (their best seller).

Once again, any decision was triumphed by Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Mmmmm right decision. The peanut butter flavoured cake and icing was filled inside with jam.

John Lennon got excited over the Strawberry Lemonade, but I swayed him by saying that the Red Velvet was their most popular. God, I’m a bossy bitch. I need to stop doing that.

I saw my pals from Lushice as well that I met at FEAST Foodies Festival in the Summer, but didn’t get around to trying them again. I was all about hitting up the ones I’d never tried.

Like Yummy Boutique.

Oh my days, the sugar rush I was going to be hit with. My sweet tooth was just going out of control. There were so many flavours, but once again, peanut butter was always a winner in my eyes. I was just going peanut butter crazy tonight.

Hold up – there were two peanut butter flavours. I had to ask her (I wish I got her name, she was so nice) which was better, the “Fluffernutter” with peanut butter and marshmallows, or the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake. She picked the Fluffernutter, since there was marshmallows too. Good decision, cupcake lady, good decision.

Mr. Lennon went for the Raspberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake. Even better decision. I need to stop being such a peanut butter whore.

Both were, of course, delicious. However, the raspberry & white chocolate one had a fresh raspberry baked inside.

FML. I’d order a tray-full of these for a dinner party so I’d get to try them all. Actually, that’d be very, very dangerous since I’d be up all night on sugar and no one else would get to try any. I’d also probably lose all my friends.

Our sugar rush went on to the chocolates.

And eventually, cider. I’d never tried pomegranate cider, but it was so good. A new favourite.

We had to eventually find some savoury food to balance out our tummies. I’m not too sure what these guys were called, but their Indian food was delicious. Just what we needed.

It also lined our tummies for more drinks – hooray!

Of course, my Asian side couldn’t resist some gambling. It wasn’t real money, but the eagerness to make millions of (plastic) dollars was still at the front of my mind.

I’m one of those weird people that think the colour of chips makes some sort of difference. My pretty pink chips were stacking up high, and we beat the friends we bet against. Don’t mess with a (half) Asian.

The rest of the night was filled with admiring great costumes.

As well as constantly staring at the sumo wrestling in the centre of the room. I wanted to play so badly, but there was a little line and I just never got round to it. I had convinced myself that I would body-slam the crap out of my opponent. In my head I probably just assume I have the same affect as my 15-year-old weight…

There were also screens where they’d display people’s tweets who hashtagged about it. I obviously wrote the lamest tweet just so it could be displayed. Great success!

Just as we were about to leave to carry on our night with a nice bottle of wine, I was stopped in my tracks by these…

Oh, hi.

It turned out to be a Betty Blythe stall, who creates beautiful tea parties. A woman explained to me about something, and what I heard were the words ‘dress up’ and ‘win’, so the next thing I know I’m wearing a hat with feathers holding a perfume bottle whilst someone snapped away taking pictures of me.

I definitely looked like a twat. But I walked away with one of those iced cookies for the road… 100% worth it.

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