Coffee at Monmouth Coffee Company, London

There’s Starbucks, and there’s good coffee. Instead of just hitting up somewhere near the office, Sophie and I fled from work for a little bit to refuel at Monmouth Coffee Company – one of the best places for coffee in London. There are a few branches and they stock a lot of places, but Sophie insists that the original in Monmouth Street tastes the best.

There’s usually a pretty big queue around lunchtime, but we got lucky and there was only a little one. That’s not to say that the little place wasn’t full of people waiting to fill their high-quality caffeine addiction.

They have a range of beans you can buy and take home. I think if I ever became a hardcore coffee drinker (aka drank more than my one-a-day maximum limit) then I’d 100% do this. There’s no point drinking crap if I have it so rarely.

There’s also a nice little coffee menu for drink in/takeaway coffees.

And the types they have.

Coffee would be very lonely if it was served on it’s own. That’s why Monmouth have the most mouth-watering selection of baked goods to choose from. Sophie and I asked if there were seats available to squeeze two little women in, covering our eyes as we walked past them. I couldn’t resist taking picture of them though.

It was like food porn. We’d safely made it past and shuffled into our seats.

I love how the tables are communal. It allows them to fit in as many people as they can to enjoy their coffees. And you get to make some new friends.

Their sugar bowls are like big flower pots, which I found adorable.

Very quickly, our coffee arrived. Sophie got a Black Americano and says you can appreciate the flavour and how good the quality of coffee is most effectively this way.

She’s so clever. Like a coffee fountain of knowledge to me.

I asked for mine with a little bit of milk, since I don’t think I’m ready to handle a fully black coffee yet. I get so hyper and annoying in the office after I have a coffee. I genuinely act like a child and start throwing things. Some think its cute. Whoever I’m throwing pens at does not tend to agree.

I had a sip of it without milk, then poured some milk in to compare.

Yeah, Sophie was right. It actually tasted a lot more delicious without milk. One day I’ll be ready.

I liked how they had a little bowl for your spoons as well. It saved the panic of not knowing what to do with them, and then attempting to balance them on something or laying it on the least important piece of paper on the table.

I knew we couldn’t stay for long though. We were busy women, and we didn’t want the office to crumble down to pieces without us (joking obviously, no one probably even noticed we’d gone). We got our coffees put in their little takeaway cups and headed out onto the streets.

Worth the walk, Soph, worth the walk.

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