Dinner at Sotto Sotto, Bath

Since I’ll be hanging around Bath for a little while, I was scanning the internet to see if any new places had popped up for me to try. I had a cheeky glance at TripAdvisor and was very happy to see that my favourite Italian place in Bath had been bumped up from 2nd best restaurant in Bath to number 1! Hooray! In order to celebrate, I took my parents there when they came down to visit. Of course, Hannah came too.
Like many bars, restaurants and clubs here, Sotto Sotto is underground in these vaults, which makes the ambience instantly very cool and comfortable at the same time.

We were slightly hungover and looking like a slightly scruffier version of ourselves.

These two were looking gorgeous as always.

It was nice to have this smiling face sitting opposite me again.

Sotto Sotto is a really nice restaurant. It’s definitely one that you’d have to make a reservation for. There were tons of birthdays going on, which was expected since it’s the perfect celebration place to have one at. The staff all sing Happy Birthday in Italian.

As hard as I try to resist bread at restaurants, there was no resisting these babies. I knew we had a feast coming later, but it didn’t really matter at the time. Bread bread bread.

I took full advantage of eating out and not just making omelettes in my kitchen. Starters, main, dessert, here I come!

To start with, Hannah had the homemade soup of the day, which was carrot and roasted red pepper.

Dad had the risotto which was a special as a starter size – it was carnaroli rice with capers, sun-dried blushed tomatoes, pan-fried cubes of swordfish, topped with a dash of lemon zest and parsley. The waiter was nice enough to explain exactly what was in it as I typed away frantically on my phone.

Mum got the other special as a starter size – the ravioli. It had a porcini mushroom filling with pan-fried prawns, artichoke hearts with garlic and white wine. Topped with parsley, of course. The waiter said that parsley is the secret of every fish dish.

I had what I always have when I come here – the Portobello alla Griglia Con Caprino. In English, grilled portobello mushroom topped with glazed goats cheese, pine nuts and an aged balsamic reduction. I’m not too sure when my goats cheese obsession began, but I absolutely love it.

The food was incredible as always. It’s not an extravagant dish, it’s just the quality of the ingredients are so good.

Next were the mains. Dad ordered the Pesce Spada alla Griglia – grilled fresh swordfish, caponata and pinzimonio dressing.

I decided to continue my veggie meal (apart from stealing a lot of Mama Bridges’ starter) and went for the Fettuccine alla Crema di Zucca, aka. Fresh egg fettuccine, sage, chilli, roasted butternut squash and a truffle cream. Me love truffle.

Hannah was on the same wavelength as me and got the Cannelloni Delicati con Crema di Zucca e Caprino (cannelloni pasta filled with roasted butternut squash and goat cheese). I was secretly/openly really jealous.

Mama Bridges went for salmon. Sorry, I mean Salmone alla Mostarda. It was grilled fresh salmon with whole grain mustard and shallots in a creamy brandy sauce.

As always, we got a couple of veggie sides to go with our meal. Pisellini Cipolla e Pancetta (small peas tossed with onions and crispy pancetta) and Spinaci al Parmigiano (sautéed spinach, garlic and EV olive oil sprinkled with parmesan). I avoided the pancetta and parmesan as much as I could. Health goddess, hollaaaaaa.

Okay, not so much health goddess with dessert…

Just an FYI, the mains are super filling, we actually got a doggy bag and took a lot of it home to feed our hungry housemates. However, there’s always that little space in your tummy for desserts. That, as well as the fact that I know how freaking delicious the desserts here are. I spent ages umm-ing and ahh-ing about which to go for, but went with my old favourite, the Mousse al Cioccolato e Amaretto Disaronno (Amartteo Disaronno and Dark Chocolate Mousse).

The second dessert (they were in the middle to share, not all mine, just saying) was an easy pick. It’s their most popular dessert, and for very good reason. Profitterol al Limoncello. It’s – wait for it – profiteroles filled with fresh white chocolate Italian custard and coated with Limoncello sauce. Oh. My. God.

I’m not going to lie to you, it’s pretty delicious. These two definitely thought so.

I did have more than my fair share (bitches try and fight me) so I felt it necessary to detox with some peppermint tea. I also really needed it to help me digest my first 3 course meal in a while.

Like many fancy Italian restaurants, the waitress came round with Limoncello shots with the bill. I can’t really have it since I’m a big lightweight and the next thing you know I’ll be on the dancefloor or sat in McDonalds (no way in hell am I going back). Thankfully, since Hannah and I were looking, well, not quite ourselves, they clearly thought we were underage and brough us lychee juice in shot glasses. I found this hilarious, and was also very happy that I got lychee juice.

Mum got jealous and asked for lychee juice too.

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