Dinner & Drinks at Earlham Street Clubhouse

Everyone has hobbies. Mine seems to be scanning through menus online. Yeah sure, it’s pretty sad, but fuck you as I know where all the sick places to eat are.
I was scanning through a few menus whilst pretending to do some hardcore research at work, when I stumbled upon Earlham Street Clubhouse. It wasn’t far from the office, they did pizza and cocktails (bingo) and they had some killer names for them. I knew where I was going that evening. To get me some pizza.

There was a cosy, cool ambience downstairs amongst the red brick walls, and if that didn’t excite me enough, this menu sure did. Any place that names their pizzas ‘Screech’ or ‘Fresh Prince’ was bound to be a winner in my eyes. They’ve changed the menu around a bit so they’re no longer there, but you’ve got the ‘American Beauty’ and ‘Super Mario’ to look out for!

They also have this amazingly cool Secret  DJ thing, where you can play a song throughout the restaurant using your phone. That’s right. You can play Cotton Eyed Joe without anyone knowing it was you. Perfect.

They were also playing Top Gun on the TV there, which was sick.

The tables were all full up, so we perched by the barrel in the corner for some drinks whilst waiting for a table to open up.

The names for the cocktails were just as good as the pizzas. ‘Stifler’s Mom’ and ‘Show Me The Money’ were very tempting just for the titles alone, but ‘Rolling With The Homies’ was the one I had my eye one. A little bit because it reminded me of Clueless. It was Ketel 1 vodka, peach and strawberry purées, fresh lemon and sugar, served long, topped with fizz. Whilst I was ordering, the waitress told me there was a 2 for 1 offer on only that cocktail. Jackpot. That just meant I had to have two, right?

Boy got ‘Stifler’s Mom’ – tanqueray, absinthe, cucumber, lime and simple syrup, served on the rocks. Now I remembered why I didn’t get it, I would have passed out after a few sips, the little half-Asian that I am.

I had a sip and was instantly hit with the taste of absinthe. I was very happy with my sugar-fueled cocktail.

I didn’t notice this before it was pointed out to me, but there were menus hanging from the ceiling.

You pulled them down to read them. HOW COOL IS THAT? Yeah, there were menus on the table too, but that’s not the point.

Finally, the people next to us got up and left, so we leaped up to snuggle by Piggly Wiggly.

Pizza-wise, you could get either a slice (only for a couple of pizzas), a 12 inch or a 20 inch. We were both starving, so we opted for the 20 inch. The waiter explained that it was really big. Oh please. Did he know who he was dealing with?

When your tummy is growling with hunger, I don’t think there’s a prettier sight…

We opted for the Ross and Rachael, which is half and half. I chose the Marty McFly (tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, ricotta cheese & oregano), and he went for the Fresh Prince (ricotta sauce, scamorza cheese, sausage, mushrooms, fresh basil & baby tomatoes).

Let’s zoom in on this bad boy.


I wasted no time.

I didn’t really dig the ricotta base on the Fresh Prince, so I declared my choice to be better (as always). It was inhaled pretty quickly. We don’t fuck around…

More drinks were ordered, this time we got the ‘Rolling With The Homies’ 2 for 1 and had 1 each instead of me hogging two. Check me making the better choices again…

At this point I’d been pretty liquored up, but I’d like to point out that it wasn’t all Asian flush in this picture, it was a lot of lighting contribution. Kind of.

The raging redness was a sign that I needed to go home and be put to bed pretty quickly. Princess Bianca was in no state to make any form of human contact on the tubes, and Addison Lee was the only man I wanted to dial for (that’s the taxi company, just to clarify, not some booty call).

Night night Bianca.

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