Lunch at Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen, Bath

It had only been a day since Hannah and I had made our grand return to Bath, yet we somehow ended up eating out. Again. As we do.
We had our heart set on going to our favourite vegetarian cafe, but sadly it was closed. Just break our hearts, why don’t you. We wandered off planning to go to our favourite bagel place, but we were stopped in our tracks by a new place we hadn’t seen before. Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen – it was as if we’d struck gold.

Did we discover a new favourite place? I think so!


Okay, okay. You may have laughed at my absolute failure of turning vegetarian, especially with my previous few posts, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t absolutely love a good vegetarian/vegan meal. I feel like I’ve eaten gallons of healthy goodness and I feel like gold┬áinside.

It was such a nice place.



Toasty Ginger Hot Chocolate sounded amazing, but I was a good little girl and went for hot water.

They brought it with lemon without me even asking. I was in love.

Hannah and I fell in love with everything, so instead of mains we ordered a bunch of little plates to share. We’re genius. Before you complain that I haven’t gone into depth about these dishes, let me just say in advance that everything was damn good, okay? SO good. First up was the Hummus with Bread and Olives.

Then out came the Polenta Chips with Plum Ketchup. If you’re vegan, I can hear your deep inhale of hunger.

Garlic Dhal with Greens.

Carrot and Cashew Pate (I know).

Garlic Broccoli and Hazelnuts. Did I mention everything we ordered happened to be gluten free as well as vegan?

Two very happy half-Asians.



This was wiped clean pretty swiftly. Such divas eating out on our first day here. We’re back, bitches!

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