Lunch at Nanny's Pavilion, Jakarta

Guess who was in Jakarta for, like, a day?!
Yep, that’s right. London to Singapore, Singapore to Jakarta in the space of 24 hours. I flew back to Singapore for Chinese New Year, but Ming was performing in Jakarta for the first day, so that’s where I was heading. I got to see this superstar work her magic at the rehearsals. 

The performance was at Central Park Mall, so after she was done, we scouted out a place to eat since we were starving. Ming and I are like one person – Nanny’s Pavilion caught both our eyes. The only problem with really pretty places is that the food is usually pretty average, but it was so cute that we thought we’d give it a go anyway. That and the fact that it was the closest restaurant we could see.

Inside was pretty spectacular too.

So pretty! I wanted to make the most of being in warm weather though, so we perched on a table outside.

How cute are the uniforms?

And the menu. ‘You’re Here You’re Family’. SO cute.

Papa Bear got the Blueberry Lemonade, which tasted amazing. I would have ordered it if I didn’t fear the amount of sugar inside.

Mama got the Lychee Iced Tea. God I love lychee.

Ming Ming and I were angels and got the green tea, which came in the cutest cups with a heart-shaped cookie on the side. I ate the heart-shaped cookie. I ate it and I liked it.

If breakfast is on the menu, then I’d probably get it. Nanny’s Pavilion is a pancake place, but it does lots of other dishes too. It aims to give a ‘homely’ feel, from the family orientated menu.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict Pancake, with buckwheat in the pancake. We had about 10 minutes of confusion ordering it. I’m still not sure if the pancakes are completely buckwheat or just have added buckwheat in it or what. It definitely didn’t taste of just buckwheat, which was a little sad as this was my attempt of being healthy (as well as the hollandaise sauce on the side, check it).

Dad had the Seafood Pasta.

Mum went with the pasta theme as well.

Mingy got the salmon.

It kind of went with my theory that a lot of gorgeous places don’t have fantastic food as this was one of them. I mean, it was food and I was hungry so whatever, but it’s not going to win any awards, let’s just put it that way. Apart from an award of being adorable.

My one proper meal in Jakarta. Thinking about it, I should have just gone and demolished some Nasi Goreng at the food court. Dammit.

Oh well, watching this chick in action made the trip all worth it. Hooray for Mingy!

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