Breakfast at Raoul's, London

Everyone seemed to be in London this weekend. As you know, my Dad and Grandma were in town, and on top of that, Mama Bridges flew in shortly after. And even better, my cousin Daniel was around, so that was that – I was coming to London a day earlier than planned. Everyone knows the best catch-up is with a drink in your hand, but since I had been doing a little too much of that (sorry Mum), breakfast is a close second. My family always love the same place (High Road Brasserie) but I was determined to drag them somewhere different.  

As soon as you step into Raoul’s, you’re hit with this image. Beautiful, freshly-baked pastries.

Then you get to see the rest of the place…

It’s a lovely place that does all meals, as you can probably tell by the bar (it’s like they want me to have a drink).

I take that back, you don’t need drinks to catch up with these guys.

I was very happy being reunited with my favourite people.

My parents got their juice on and ordered some smoothies.

Dad ordered a Raoul’s Revelry Remedy – kiwi, banana, yoghurt, honey, oats and apple juice.

Mum went for a Breakfast in a Glass, which was mango, banana, yoghurt, muesli, honey and orange juice.

Grandma got her standard skinny cappuccino.

I was in the mood to go healthy Asian and got a green tea.

I was starving as soon as I saw those pastries. Okay, okay, as soon as I woke up. Luckily it wasn’t too busy so our food came soon. Papa got Raoul’s Frittata served with toast. There’s a chorizo, spring onion and parmesan version, but he went for the spinach, spring onion and feta.

Mama got the American Style Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes with Maple Syrup. Ughhh I’m so jealous how she can eat like this, that petite little wonder.

Daniel went for an Eggs Benedict…

I went full on healthy today. Everything in me screamed to get the Eggy Bread in Golden Syrup with Roasted Banana and Crispy Bacon. That even sounds so amazing just typing it. Instead, I went polar opposite and ordered poached eggs with sides of steamed spinach (which I’m pretty sure came from frozen and wasn’t great) as well as a side of broccoli (which was nicer).

It was pretty plain jane of me. I have no one to blame but myself.

I even gave Grandma Bridges my toast.

I will be a health angel. I will be a health angel.

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