Breakfast at Wild Cafe, Bath

After our plans of a nice dinner was replaced swiftly by watching A Cinderella Story, eating pizza and drinking champagne in bed, we had a bit of an average night out. This called for a big breakfast to make up for it (breakfast makes up for everything) as well to fuel this chick for her drive to her next destination. We popped down to Wild Cafe before she dropped me off for my day of lectures (yay…). 

Down a pretty cobbled street, Wild Cafe is pretty lovely. Simple food made with quality ingredients. They have a ‘West is best’ motto and use as many local suppliers as they can. Plus, it’s super cute inside!

It was also nice to chit chat with this one before she sped off. It’s the best when you haven’t seen people in absolutely ages, but it’s like you’ve seen them everyday.

We both went for fresh mint teas and fresh orange juices to start us off.

Their little teaspoon was so sweet. It felt like one of Ariel’s silver treasures.

I love a good open kitchen, and we watched like hawks as our food was ready, which was signalled to the cafe by a little ding with their bell.

Frankie ordered Eggs Benedict with a side of bacon. She hasn’t had English bacon in a while (since she’s studying in America) and made the most of it. A woman after my own heart. She said it was delicious. I can confirm this as I did finish the teeny little bit at the end off (guilty).

I went for the Veggie Breakfast since I couldn’t resist the avocado on toast. It also came with grilled tomatoes, mushrooms (which were INCREDIBLE) and two fried eggs (although I asked for scrambled) which were super creamy and delicious.

Okay, we also may or may not have ordered a Fruit Pancake Stack. And yes, that means we did order it.

But, I’m sorry, how the hell could we resist? Look how damn beautiful it is. Thick, fluffy pancakes drenched in maple syrup topped with bananas, strawberries and blueberries.

Sorry for the pictures, I couldn’t stop.

So, yep, we shared them between us. The waitress thought we must be hungry, but this is kind of a typical meal…

As I said, just another breakfast. But a delicious, delicious one.

Highly recommend a visit. Super cute with delicious food. My lectures after, on the other hand, I wouldn’t recommend so much.

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