Coffee at Colonna and Smalls, Bath

If you’re a coffee lover, welcome to paradise. 
Colonna and Smalls is… I’m not going to say a coffee shop. If you want a standard coffee that tastes like standard coffee, then go to your local Starbucks. If you appreciate speciality coffee where you can explore and appreciate the flavour, region, variety, processing, roast and brew method, you’ve come to the right place.

This is like a coffee experience.

It’s no secret in Bath either – It’s full of people eating, drinking, and even learning about coffee since they offer classes including barista training, coffee tasting and even latte art (which I would LOVE to do).

If you don’t believe me when I say how good they are, let only a few of their awards speak for themselves. One of their owners, Max, is UK’s 2012 barista champion, and all the baristas working there are of exceptionally high quality. Aka they know their shit.

They have a lot of goodies that you can have with your coffee as well.

They change their coffees seasonally. They offer 3 single origin espresso coffees at a time. They also have The Brew Bar, which offers 3 different filter methods at a time with a different coffee on each. On the board, you can see where each of the beans have come from and the flavours you can expect from them. They sounded delicious.

Lucky bastard whoever ordered a slice of the cake.

My IT group are actually doing our project based on Colonna and Smalls, so we popped over there to interview the owners. I was extremely happy to be doing it on a company that I genuinely like so much and who’s business really excites me. I snooped around the shop as I waited for the rest of my group to arrive. Little keen me obviously got there way too early.

Not only do they sell coffee there, but they sell the beans at the shop (so you can take them home with you after falling in love with them) and they sell other coffee-related products.

They have a little menu/information on their tables, telling you more about the coffee. I knew all about it already after reading their blog, where they share their knowledge on the coffee industry. They don’t put sugar on the tables (although they offer it if you ask behind the bar since it ruins the natural flavour of the coffee) and they recommend that you drink their filter coffees black to appreciate the full flavour.

So that’s what I did. I went for the Blackburn Estate beans from Tanzania – the flavours I got from it were date, pineapple, chocolate and salted nuts. How could I not go for it?

A few others from my group joined me in coffees, and Gavin got an espresso, which he agreed was amazing. We also commented on how much value for money we got – you’d expect the coffees to be super expensive because of their high quality, but they’re not at all.

Remember, if you’re expecting a standard coffee that tastes like standard coffee, then this place probably isn’t for you. However, if you can appreciate flavours of coffee how their meant to be tasted, then line up!

We then got down to work interviewing Lesley, the other owner, for our project. She was immensely helpful and friendly, and you could see how passionate she was about the business.

It’s safe to say I’m fully on my way to becoming a coffee geek, and let’s be honest, a bit of a snob, which I’m fully okay with. Starbucks really is shit.

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