Dinner at The Circus, Bath

If you want somewhere fun, trendy and somewhere you can clink cocktails as you sing along to a live band, this isn’t your place. If you want a family-run restaurant with seasonal, locally-sourced, amazing quality food, you’re in the right place. It’s just off the The Circus in Bath, and, day or night, it’s pretty lovely.

It has a cosy interior both upstairs and downstairs. I can’t tell you how nice it was to be in the warmth after shivering outside.

Okay, I shivered from the short walk from where we parked the car to the restaurant. I’m in a car in Bath? Oops, I forgot to mention why we were here. Team Bridges was in town – hooray!

And not just the parentals, my gorgeous best friend was finally here to visit me for one night only. Best day ever!

Of course, no family dinner would be complete without the addition of Hannah.

This girl is such a cuteypie it’s unreal.

A celebratory bottle of beautiful red wine (any excuse) was ordered. Their wine list is interesting as all the wines are from small growers of particular merit, many of whom are personally known by the family.

Papa B was also extremely happy with his local British beer.

As I mentioned before, their menu changes seasonally to show off current fresh produce and to work with the best ingredients. 

They also have the most impressive basket of bread that is offered around the table.

I’m going to save me the trouble of repeating myself and you the trouble of reading the same thing over and over again – the food was of amazing quality and everything was scrumptious. Many of the ingredients that I didn’t expect to work well together really did. Feast your eyes on our meal.

First up, the starters. Dad ordered the Undyed Smoked Haddock Carpaccio, with Lime Zest, Green Chilli and Baby Cress, Served with Saffron Aioli.

Hannah and I both went for the Zakuski (little Russies “bites”) which was Moldavian Peppers, Beetroot and Walnut Purée, Kidney Beans in Georgian Plum Sauce, Pickled Aubergines and Rye Bread.

Mama B had the Jerusalem Artichoke Soup, Swirled with White Truffle Oil, Served with Jerusalem Artichoke Crisps.

Ming Ming had the New Year’s Resolution Salad – Red Chicory, Blood Oranges, Sweet Red Onions and Organic Watercress, with Ming and Sherry Vinegar Dressing.

For the mains, the most popular dish out of us lot was the Fish of the Day, which was either Sea Bream or Lemon Sole. The most ordered was the Sea Bream, which was accompanied by leeks and an olive mixture.

I decided to be different and ordered the Lemon Sole, however it was supposed to come with brown shrimp sauce, but instead I asked for it with the leeks and olive mixture as well, which they kindly did for me. God, I love family-run restaurants, everyone is so friendly!

Dad’s looked the most delicious – Lady Llanover’s Duck. It’s a 19th Century recipe to salt-cure free-range duck breast, then slow cook it till pink. It’s served with spiced winter greens and a pomegranate sauce, and I’m not going to lie to you, I was pretty damn jealous. I knew it was good because I didn’t even get offered one bite, which he’s usually decently generous with. Drats.

We also ordered a couple of sides of today’s veg. Such a healthy bunch.

After a lovely eating of catching up and attempting to eat slowly (probably still breaking records on how quickly our family collectively eats), Mama and Papa B were all set to drive back to London, leaving little Ming to party with me.

Someone clearly didn’t want to bug the staff to get the coats and dove head-first into the cloak room to do it herself and begun her search.


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  1. March 4, 2014 / 11:32 pm

    I live in Bath but have never ventured here! Will have to give it a look! So nice to see people blogging about restaurants I'm actually close too! X


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