Dinner at Gilgamesh, London

Another weekend, another birthday!
Milky had his birthday at Gilgamesh, tucked away in Camden. I’d heard good things about this restaurant – great Asian fusion food with a club upstairs. Sounds like the pretty perfect place to me.
There was a bouncer, door girl and an escalator leading inside. And what was inside was magnificent. A pretty strong word to use, but just look…

It was gorgeous. It was huge as well, so it had a great atmosphere. A few tables of cougars around us, which is what I always like to see.

We were sat on a long table of 25 people..

I felt a bit like event photographer of the evening. Which I’m totally okay with.

Let’s get down to business though – the food. For such a big group, there were two set menus you could choose from, veggie and non-veggie. Both looked delicious – if I was a veggie, I’d be absolutely ecstatic, which is hard to say about a lot of set menus. But obviously I went for meat.

For the starters, since the majority of us ordered meat, the bowls of all the starters were put in the middle for us to share. The most delicious (according to everyone) was the Beef Gowgee with Black Vinegar. I say this because I was too busy snapping pictures that when I was done, they were all gone. DAMMIT. A love that I will never know.

There weren’t enough of them in my opinion – I only saw a couple of plates. However, there was plenty Duck & Watermelon Salad with Thai Herbs, which was also delicious.

What also disappeared very, very swiftly was the Crispy Salmon Skin Roll. So good.

I didn’t see much of the vegetarian starters, but I did catch a glimpse of the Golden Crystal Dumplings.

For the meat eater’s mains, there were two options. The first was what I was very tempted to go for – the Thai Red Chicken Curry with Thai Herbs & Lime Leaf.

However, I went for the Crispy Chargrilled Halibut with Creamy Steamed Baby Vegetables with Pea & Wasabi Puree. The puree was amazing. It absolutely made the dish.

Since it came with sides of Jasmine Rice and Asian Greens with XO Sauce, it probably would have been better to get the curry and top my rice with that. Instead I poured the XO sauce from the veggies over the rice. Mmmm my half-Asian tricks.

After dinner came the sake bombs. I’ve never done this before – you get a glass of beer, top it with chopsticks that are spread wide enough to place your shot of sake on top so that when you bang the table it will fall between them.

Sake bombs were compulsory.

Unfortunately the glasses were definitely not made for sake bombs, and once the “SAKE BOMB” chanting and banging on the table started, hell broke loose. Luckily for me, I’d positioned mine perfectly for my sake to plop right in, whereas sadly for others, the shot glass toppled off and, well, lets just say the staff there were so lovely that they handled us very well.

As I tottered off to the loos and back, I walked past the bar to see these gorgeous creations lined up. From the sights of how many there were, and the ‘Happy Birthday Mark’, I knew these babies were coming our way. Jackpot.

Dessert, wine and a photobomb. I don’t think there could have been a happier picture of myself. Maybe apart from those ones of me half-way through a burger.

The dessert was lovely though. All it said on the menu was ‘Chef’s Dessert’, but it was a panna cotta with some sort of Asian fruity sorbet in a wafer cup.

It was pretty delicious. I may or may not have finished off more than my own. Dammit, Bianca, not again.

Milky seemed very happy though, which was what was important. He’d also been treated very well by the wine.

As had everyone else. What started as a nice boy’s picture, escalated very quickly.

The night then inevitably moved on upstairs to the club area, where lots of drunken shapes were pulled.  I was obviously making some magic on that D-floor, as per. I think I tried to whip out the lasso, which was rejected very fiercely. Haters, the lasso is a classic.

All in all, a lovely Friday night – couldn’t have thought of anything better to hop off an hour and a half train ride to. A big thanks to Milky and, of course, these fine gentlemen.

Friendly chefs make good food. Friendly chefs also pose for pictures for a crazy Eurasian chick with a camera. Absolute champions.

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