Dinner at The Player, London

I’ve become very lazy. When it’s cold with bustling winds outside and I’m tucked up warm in bed, I have very little motivation to go outdoors. It took a lot of strength, mental power and even an online coin-flip (to make the final decision on whether to go or not) to finally get me out. I’m glad I did though, because our plans for the evening was to get drinks, tacos and sliders at The Player Bar.
We had to pay a 5 pound entrance fee to get in, which kind of took me by surprise. However, I’d come all this way and I was hungry, so there was no looking back at this point. 

Now, these aren’t just any tacos and sliders. Their actually Breddos Tacos and The Slider Bar, and you would have seen just how delicious I thought they were when I had them at Hawker House. Sadly, I only had a bite of a taco, and only got to try one type of slider. This was all about to change…

None of our great decisions in life would have been made without a bad decision to start it all. This was our bad decision, which then can be debated as a great one. Boy and I ordered a sharing cocktail, Apocalypso Now. It was a lethal combination of Bacardi 8yo and Oakheart, navy and overproof rums, shaken with pineapple, apple, coconut and fresh orange and lemon juices. It’s described as their ‘favourite and most dangerous festival punch’, and shit was it strong.

Cocktails on fire are pretty though. Me like.

Once the excitement of that had disappeared, I was excited for a whole other reason…

We had gotten a little carried away with ordering. I wanted to try everything! When we ordered, the waiter was all “that’s a lot”. Oh please. He doesn’t know who he’s talking to.

As a little starter dish/side dish, we got Pork Belly Croquettes with Coriander Aioli, which were amazing.

We didn’t know which of the tacos to get, but thankfully they had a Taco Tray with one of each taco. Spiced Chestnut Mushroom, Jerk Pulled Pork, Crunchy Nut Fried Chicken (how cool does that sound?), Twice Fried Cod Cheeks and 10hr Chipotle Beef Short Rib. Mmmmm.

It would be hard to eat just one bite of each and have to share the other. But I guess that’s what comes with sharing, dammit.

We decided we’d conquer the tacos first.

The tacos were yummy, perfect to accompany you with a few cocktails (stopping me from getting overly drunk). Our absolute favourite was the Cod Cheek one.

Next up was the whole reason we came to The Player in the first place – the sliders. Oh, the sliders.

How gorgeous are they?

Now, they don’t offer a tray to try each of them, so we had to be picky. Off the menu, we ordered the Short Rib Slider, The Breddo and the Crunchy Nut, and off the specials we got the Double Classic and the Chorizo Slider. Let the tasting begin.

There were two sliders that stood out of the crowd. Usually you forget about the first one you try, but not this one. The Short Rib Slider was an aged patty with 10hr slow roasted chipotle short rib, American cheese, fresh habanero and salsa lime. It was incredible. Perfectly cooked and so delicious.
The last one we had was also so, so delicious, joining the ranks with the Short Rib Slider. It was the special, the Double Classic, which was two aged patties, cheese, pickles, mustard, ketchup and lettuce. I had the classic at Hawker House the first time I tried them, which was exactly what made me fall in love with them in the first place.
You’d think all of the food would have kept me sober, but that cocktail was so lethal that I had to be taken home ASAP. Damn it, I need to keep my alcohol tolerance in check! We saw the most amazing sign on the way out…
Yes, tacos, yes.


  1. March 11, 2014 / 1:09 am

    This looks so good! I wish they had places like this in Singapore!

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