Dinner at Yen Sushi, Bath

Everyone knows a hidden gem in the area that they live in. Mine is Yen Sushi, a little sushi place tucked away in town. I’m not saying Singapore sushi can be even compared to Japan, but growing up in Asia, my ordinary sushi standards are pretty high. Even an average sushi place in Singapore is far, far better than a sushi place in the UK. I never really have that much sushi here because there are a lot of chain restaurants or the good places are super expensive. However, after I take away my Asian expectations, Yen Sushi is the best I’ve come across whilst at a very decent price. 

Hannah and I always come here, and it seems to be a hot date spot. We’d be in our gym kit whilst staring at all of the couples creepily.

There are also a few tables in the back for larger groups.

I came straight from University to meet these two who were already tucking away. I’d given them the go-ahead since I knew how hungry Morgan was, rearranging our dinnertime to make it as early as possible so he could be fed. I know not to stand in the way of a Welshman and his food. He’d never had sushi before we met, so I feel like my little Asian-ness has revolutionised his life. Although he’d never had calamari, hummus, falafel or avocado either…

Plates of goodness.

Their sashimi always tastes fresh. Well, compared to the YO! Sushi in town, anyway. A little bit of yellow tail…

And lots of salmon and tuna sashimi..

Just admire that thick cut.

It’s still a good place to go if you don’t like fish – they have other options, like chicken.

Good thing I eat everything though! Here are just a few more foodporn shots of what we had…

These babies are octopus balls..

I like octopus but I think inside was too mushy for me. More octopus and less mush!

I ordered vegetable gyoza as well. They were crispy and yummy, but I still prefer my dumplings.

Yen Sushi is also the place that I first liked tofu. Hannah gave me a piece of her Tofu Steak to try, and ever since then I was hooked. Their tofu here is crazy good.

I also love how when you order something, they make a bulk of it and put it on the conveyer belt.

We ate and ate, but still kept an eye out for all the deliciousness passing us by.

The only thing I’d suggest is that they have see-through covers for the plates to keep things more fresh and less exposed. And that they check their kettle before they top up my green tea with hot water, because 50% of the time it’s always cold!

After not long at all, we decided to call it quits.

Yen always makes me happy. Ichiban Boshi, I miss you.

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