Juice at Beyond The Kale, Bath

I have a new favourite place in Bath.
Because I eat so much crap sometimes (burgers, pizza, 3am kebabs), I try to eat as healthy as I can every single other opportunity I can. That means organic fruits, vegetables, lentils, everything. One of the quickest, easiest, tastiest ways to get in all your nutrients in is with juice and blends. Juice is cold-pressed without pulp and releases energy into you instantly, whereas with blends, the fruit and veg are blended (duh) and is more of a slow release. Anyway, back to Beyond The Kale. They have the most amazing selection of organic vegan products, and have an amazing juice bar inside too. I took Ming there since it’s exactly the kind of place she loves.

If you’re a vegan or just a fan of healthy, clean eating, welcome to paradise.

They have dispensers filled with organic everything. Flax seed, quinoa, even trail mix.

They also have Booja-Booja vegan, organic, soya-gluten free, refined sugar-free ice-cream. Ming says she’s tried it before and it’s amazing. I know where I’m getting my next movie-night snack from.

We explored the whole shop to discover all their treats (there’s a great selection).

Up by the juice bar, there’s a fridge with some freshly prepared dishes that you can takeaway with you.

They also have 2 soups everyday.

Oh, and did I mention their vegan cakes? They’re AMAZING. If their banana pecan cake is out, take a slice away with you and you won’t regret it.

Now, the juice bar. I know I have my own juicer/blender at home, but I can’t help but be lured back here all too often.

The owners of the shop are the most gorgeous, lovely couple ever. Even if you’ve never been before, you’ll come in and chat with them like you’ve known them for ages.

I ordered the Love Beetroot with beetroot, kale, orange, pineapple, berries and apple. I absolutely hate beetroot and kale, so this is the best way I can get all the nutrients from them in my system without having to taste them. I also got some spirulina and ginger in it (I was feeling a little sick so the ginger would whack my systems alive).

If you’d told me there was no beetroot or kale in this, I’d believe you.

Ming got The Purifier, but swapped the banana for berries and added different boosters in it so it came out a very odd colour… Oh well, it’s all natural!

We went to pay and Ming picked up a couple of goodies for her trip home back to Singapore later that night. I picked up some Tropic Wholefoods Organic Mango & Basil Nut Bars… They’re my current favourite thing in the world, they’re so delicious!

I’m glad I could keep this one happy.

I was pretty happy too. Who wouldn’t be with all these good nutrients in your body? Let Ming’s-Day-In-Bath begin!

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  1. March 13, 2014 / 8:23 pm

    Where about's in Bath is this? It looks amazing – I must go xx

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