Lunch at The Green Rocket, Bath

Ming’s day in Bath was nearly finished and she soon had to head back to London before hopping on a plane to Singapore (sniff) so I wanted to make her day finish on a high. And Ming’s kind of a high is a good vegetarian restaurant. Delicious, guilt-free food? YES.
Last year, my favourite little cafĂ© to go to was called The Green Rocket. It serves breakfast, lunch and now dinner on some days. Or just pop in for a tea and some vegan cake. 

Inside is pretty damn cute.

Even the lights are adorable! Check out what they use.

And don’t get me started on their treats.. (PEANUT BLONDIE?!)

I got a little carried away with snapping pictures of them…

I love how each little sign is held up by a cork!

Okay, let’s get back to our meal. We snuggled down into our seats and waited for Hannah and Morgan to join us.

Ming ordered herself a cheeky green tea.

I ordered a fresh juice – The Classic, which was a blend of carrot, orange and ginger.

Hannah and Morgsy arrived pretty soon after, and she ordered herself a Cleanser – beetroot, grapefruit and lime.

Hannah had a little bit of beetroot lipstick from the juice.

We were pretty happy when they arrived as we were too excited to order. I’d missed their food!

Hannah and Morgan both went for an Egyptian Mezze – Falafel, tahini sauce, muhammara, hummus, quinoa, tabbouleh, zaalouk, carrot and olive salad. I had it once before and it’s pretty damn good.

It comes with a slide of flatbread. Mmmm.

Ming was excited to see her favourite vegan meal on the menu – Courgette ‘spaghetti’ salad served with raw salsa romesco. It’s with peppers, sundried tomatoes, almonds and lemon with a touch of olive oil.

I went for General Tso’s Tofu – Stir fried tofu, broccoli and Chinese leaf with tamari, sherry, lemon and ginger sauce, topped with spring onions. I was a little sad that it came with white rice instead of brown.

Oh well, it was still scoffed up anyway. I tried to leave half the rice, but mixed with that sauce it just tasted so good.

I also saw that they had Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola on the menu (which Boy loves, if you read my post at Leyas) so I bought a couple to take home for when he arrives on the weekend. God, I’m a cutey!

Miss you already Mingy!


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