Sunday Roast at The Bathwick Boatman, Bath

I’m kind of over dieting and going crazy about what I eat, but I have it engraved in my head that Sundays are cheat days. And there’s nothing better on a Sunday than a good roast. Boy was down for the weekend, so I whisked him off to one of the places I really wanted to try – The Bathwick Boatman.
On the way there, we had a taxi driver who starred in his own movies and was telling us all about it. I was hungover and not really in a chatty mood, leaving Boy all on his own to man the conversation. Every man for himself.

The Bathwick Boatman is a gorgeous family-run restaurant. And family-run places mean the staff there are all absolutely lovely.

Not only was the inside lovely, but the outside was stunning. I can imagine it being incredible in the Summer.

We got comfy in our seats by the window.

Next was the dilemma of which roast to go for. They had more or less every roast to pick from. This was going to be a toughie… It just wouldn’t feel right going for a fish or veggie option today.

We were going all out, so got starters. Boy went with Whitebait with Home Made Tartare Sauce, which was so good. He was kind enough to let me sneak a piece.

I went for the Grilled Goat’s Cheese with Toast and Caramelised Red Onion. It was so delicious. I’m such a goat’s cheese whore.

After licking my (and his, oops) plates clean, out arrived our roast. Boy went for the lamb.

I went for the pork.

The roasts were pretty simple, nothing special, just plain old roast. I feel kind of bad saying this since all the staff are so lovely and the place was so nice. I think I just expected a bit more from them because everything else was so good. A little opposite to The Chequers, who’s staff friendliness was pretty average but their food was incredible. I reckon their normal dinner is better than their Sunday roasts.

However, it was accompanied by these cheesy leeks which was really yummy.

As well as a nice bowl of seasonal roasted veg.

Boy attempted to impress with his photography skills whilst I was busy tucking in.

We finished up with peppermint and green teas to help digest. It was also because I wanted dessert.

I ordered a Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream and convinced boy to share with me. It was pretty beautiful.

Sadly, it didn’t taste as good as it looked. The cake itself was pretty dry, which would have been made better if it was smothered with more toffee sauce to cover it up. Their ice-cream was a winner though.

Don’t get me wrong, the place itself was gorgeous, as well as everyone there, so I’d make the trip and try out their normal menu. It was such a nice afternoon of food and chatting shit. Which is kind of like every time we hang out. How are we not bored yet?

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