Acai Bowls at Juice Crafters, Los Angeles

Are you ready to get juicy?

Okay, sorry, that was awful. But what do you expect from me when it says “Get Juicy” at the front of the Juice Crafter store? Golden. You can’t make this stuff up yourself.

As you may have guessed by the title, we weren’t here for juice. We were here for Acai bowls.

We can get to that later though – Let me tell you about nice Juice Crafters is! Okay, show you, we all know it’s the pictures you’re looking at and not my fabulous chat.

The store itself is minimalistic and rustic, which is what I like about it.

Also, I wanted to buy everything. Good thing I don’t live in LA, or I would have bought the whole store home with me (and in my head I live in a bad boy next to Rihanna). But you can’t put a price on health, right?

I’m going to shut up now and let you gaze at the pretty pictures (which I looked like a spastic running around the store and snapping away just FYI, all for you). I’ll chirp in again when I get to the good stuff…

Okay, we’re not quite there yet, but I obviously have to speak about the juice. How else are you supposed to get juicy with me, ey?

As you can probably tell… there’s a shit load of juice. Freshly bottled to takeaway and drink later at your conveinience, or freshly made for you to order.

The menu even tells you about all the benefits of different juice and veg. I love this kind of stuff.

As do these two! Jeri comes here all the time, mainly for their Acai Bowls. That’s right. We’re here now.

The only time I’ve ever had an acai bowl was at Samba Swirl. Acai bowls are pretty popular in LA, but Juice Crafters is different since the acai berry is blended with banana to sweeten it naturally instead of using sweeteners.

We were pretty damn picky (I was assured everyone in LA was and this was normal – at least I fit in somewhere) and ordered all of them with different twists and adjustments made to them. Come to think of it, I was the only one who ordered the Acai Bowl how they standardly make it. I’m like a new woman. Although I definitely need to start stepping my game up if I want to look like a local. It’s safe to say my act as a foreign celebrity (or Ming Bridges) isn’t going well for me.

We hopped in the car and ate our acai bowls on the way to our hike. I know. So LA.

The standard acai bowl is frozen acai berry blended with banana. On top is strawberries, banana, granola and coconut flakes.

Ming got pineapple on top instead of banana and no granola. See? A natural celebrity. Damn it.

It’s safe to say it was one of the best breakfasts. Ever. Debatably one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. And I’ve eaten a lot of things.

If you think about it, all I’m having is a bowl of fruit and granola, and all Ming had is a bowl of fruit. But it tastes like I’m eating ice-cream. BUT I’M NOT. IT’S AMAZING. LIFE IS GOOD.

We came back the next morning to have acai bowls again. I’ve officially found my holiday romance. Short and passionate it may be, but I’ll never forget you, acai bowls. Can I just move to LA at eat you up every morning?

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