Breakfast at Coast, Los Angeles

LA, I have arrived!
Behind me are the days of crying over the weather forecast and swearing at my broken umbrella. Hello sunshine, palm trees and walking outside wearing a single layer of clothing! It’s every (half) English girl’s dream. No crazy bitch likes unexpected hailing.

We skipped along in the warmth down by the sea, half because we were so happy to be there and together, and another half because I was hungry and it’s faster than walking. Ming and Mum arrived the day before Dad and I, so they’d already been to Coast, which was recommended to Ming by a friend. It’s a part of a hotel, Shutters, which is on the beach.

It was so pretty. I could see it in Dad’s eyes that he wished he’d booked to stay here instead.

It took a lot of convincing to make him believe that ours was better. Yes Dad, ours may not be on the beach, but we can see it from our window and you can’t put a price on perving at people from a safe distance.

However, we didn’t have Coast. And Coast was great.

Damn I was hungry. I hadn’t eaten for approximately 3 hours and I already felt faint.

No, no cinnamon roll. I was in LA, the land of beautiful people, and beautiful people drink juice. Bianca drink juice too.

I was too excited to be reunited with the sun after so many months, so sitting outside was a given. Plus, it was super pretty.

Reunited at last! My 3 favourite people. You can see that once you’ve been married for a certain amount of time, you accidentally start matching outfits. I say accidentally like I’m praying to the sweet lord that they didn’t choose to match on purpose.

They gave Queen B the royal throne of cushions. I thought everyone was being super nice by suggesting I sit there, but now I’m pretty sure I’ve been suckered in to taking this seat whilst everyone gets the ocean view. Look how smug and naive I was at the time.

Oh, Ming and I are wearing workout clothes because Ming Googled ‘Best Workout Classes in LA’, so we were going to this Hula Hooping Class after. I am the bomb at hula hooping, so I was super excited. This also meant we couldn’t stuff ourselves silly so we wouldn’t want to throw up through the duration of the class.

Like I said, I really liked Coast. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

A round of teas started us off – a mix of English Breakfast, Early Grey and Green. All accompanied by little pots of honey. Oh, I love you LA. Suddenly, the habit of taking all the toiletries in a hotel when you leave struck me, and I had to hold myself back from stuffing the unopened pots of honey and jam down my top before we left.

Ming and I were the green ones. Antioxidants, get inside me.

Ah, juice. The secret to a banging body. Dad got the orange and carrot, whilst Mum went for the one with beets.

Ming is more-or-less attracted to green. She’ll always go for the green juice. Kale, ginger, celery, lemon and apple was destined to be hers.

I went for a strawberry orange juice, which was so good.

Sadly, this ‘banging bod’ secret probably only really works if that’s all you’re having. And hell no if that was all I was having.

My (abnormally loud) rumbling stomach was constantly fighting with my mind who knew I shouldn’t eat too much before exercising, so Dad and I shared the Homemade Granola Parfait with low far yoghurt, cinnamon and berries.

Okay, stomach won and I also got half a Hawaiian papaya, but at least it was healthy! I’ve missed papaya – I rarely ever see it in the UK. I thought I would be shot in the face before I was bursting full from half a papaya and half a granola parfait, but it happened. Potentially could have been the tea. And the juice.

Mama Bridges went for the Mozzarella and Mushroom Omelet, which came with home style potatoes. I may have also had a little bite of this.

And a cute little bread basket with it.

Ming did what I really should have done. She got half a ruby red grapefruit, which she claimed was the nicest one ever and less bitter than any other grapefruit she’d had before. I absolutely hate grapefruit, so I was hoping it’d change my mind. It still tasted like shit to me. Although now I can kind of see how I got full.

It’s okay, we walked it off and made it to the class. I better have a tiny-ass waist after this.

So it turns out Ming and I are ‘naturals’. After being told we were using an advanced hoop that usually takes people 2 weeks to learn to use, we were already embarrassingly better than the one other person in the class who attends every week.

Our teacher taught us how to (literally) climb through a hoop and spin it on our hand before we performed our routine from what we’d learnt. Mine was made up of part interpretative dance and part a shameful and unnecessary first attempt at Scottish dancing whilst hula hooping, all in an effort to work up a sweat. They definitely paid to get that high up on Google. Best LA class my ass.

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